Women and Post-Nuptial Depression

In the United States, there is a great deal of importance placed on wedding days.   And the more emphasis there is on the executing a grand event, the more pressure that exists for those who are planning said wedding.  With the recent explosion in the wedding business (experts estimate it is worth over ten billion dollars per year) has come a greater stress to create the perfect day.

This has led to post-nuptial depression – a condition suffered by women of all ages in the days, weeks and months following their wedding day.   Although news of the condition has not yet reached the mainstream media, it is a growing problem that can cause:

At its worst, post-nuptial depression can even cause young married couple to divorce over their lack of an emotional connection.  This, during what should be the happiest time of their lives.

How Many Women Suffer from Post-Nuptial Depression?

While statistics are just becoming more prevalent, recent studies in California and the United Kingdom have found that 10% of all recently married women suffer from post-nuptial depression.  These surveys both found that the most common period of post-nuptial depression is within a year of the couple’s wedding day.

What puts women at risk for Post-Nuptial Depression?

  • Taking on too much responsibility.   Oftentimes, women end up playing a dual role of bride-to-be and wedding planner.  The inability to delegate to others in one of the primary causes of the stress that leads to post-nuptial depression. 
  • Setting unrealistic expectations.  When a woman imagines the “perfect wedding day” it is almost impossible to live up to that expectation.  The resulting disappointment is another key factor behind post-nuptial depression.
  • Spending too much money.  An expensive wedding can put many couples into a state of financial stress.  When they are unable to buy a home – or are forced into debt because of their wedding, post-nuptial depression many follow.


How the Wedding Day Blues Spill Over into a Marriage

Even if the wedding is spectacular and comes off without a hitch, there is still a chance that the new bride will experience post-nuptial depression.    This occurs when the couple does not communicate effectively with one another about their feelings regarding married life.

Treating Women with Post-Nuptial Depression

The most effective way to treat women with post-nuptial depression is through a counselor.  Women with this disorder can benefit greatly from the impartial, added perspective of a therapist or counselor.  This type of counseling focuses on managing expectations and helping the women remember why she wanted to get married in the first place.  It is extremely important during treatment to refocus the attention of the patient back on to the other person in the relationship.  This will help put things in a proper perspective and allow healing to begin.

Moonview Sanctuary is a residential treatment facility located in Santa Monica, California.  The counseling professionals at Moonview’s Overcoming Personal Crisis program understand the special needs of women with post-nuptial depression.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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