Moonview Sanctuary



What is Moonview

Moonview is an exclusive, non residential out patient treatment center which specializes in the combination of eastern and western modalities of treatment. For example, we incorporate western treatment, western medicine, psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, we also combine that with eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine, ayurvedics, ect… And all of this is combined to create what we believe it is the ultimate treatment experience. So for example, as opposed to going into a treatment center where you might be a part of a group experience, at moonview all of the experience is individual. All the practitioners will be working on an individual one on one. If we have a group experience it’s a group of practitioners working on a single patient. Why this is important is for many reasons first and foremost I believe is around the issue of confidentiality, unless people feel comfortable really delving into material which is often times sensitive they are unable to make the kinds of gains that they need to make. If your in a setting where you don’t feel comfortable disclosing be it issues of indiscretions in your life whether its issues around drugs or alcohol, or sexual matters, than your not going to be able to get the kind of treatment that you need. When you have a system where people are one on one, working with trained professionals, people are much more comfortable at telling the truth. When you have a whole host of people also that are working with one patient at a time, what you find is a lot of different perspectives looking at the same person, looking at the same situation, but with a whole set of different eyes, so what you get is a much more multi faceted, much more complete picture of what’s going on for someone.

How Does it work?


We usually start out with some form of assessment and what's again unique about the way we do an assessment is that we bring in professionals that have different perspectives. Each working with the same individual. So we get to see this person from many different perspectives and this can be both from again from the ancient wisdom types of approaches such as native american tradition, all the ways through to the most advanced, neurological approaches such as using neuro-feedback, and quantitative EEG, to get a complete picture of that individual. From this complete picture we are able to develop a treatment program that is the most comprehensive and works synergistically with the different types of treatments. when you arrive you will meet one of any number of practitioners here either myself as Clinical Director, Terry Eagan as Medical Director, or Andrew Stephanopoulis, Director of Client Care. So one of the things we want to do is really make a person feel safe and comfortable in a very confidential setting. This is very important because most of the people we deal with who are out in the public eye feel bombarded by media, bombarded by the public, and because of that even if they go into a treatment program, they feel very guarded and are very resistant to letting down that guard to be able to address the important issues of themselves and their lives. So by creating this really safe and confidential space, we're able to and we have found that people are more able to let down their guard, be vulnerable and thus really be able to get at some of the deeper issues that are troubling them.


Optimal Performance


Our optimal performance programs have a few directions. One is in the area of sports. The second is is in the area of executives. And the third is in success in the entertainment industry. And in sports we have a full compliment of programs that designed to take an athlete where they're at , and do a full assessment and design a program that helps improve their performance from the inside out. it's not just designed to give them some mental or emotional skills. It's designed to help them identify their internal strengths and then the improvement comes and develops out of those internal strengths. In the areas of executive and entertainment industry, again we do a full assessment so we know what the persons strengths and weaknesses are. We build on strengths and we help to correct and address the weaknesses. In addition, all of these categories one of the things thats very important is how we help a person deal with the pressures of their profession. Whether it be sports, executive or in the entertainment field, one of the hallmarks is burnout and the difficulty people have dealing with the pressure and stresses of demands and expectations in their field. And this is where we stand out, because we have a full range of programs that help address these issues.


Releasing Addictions


I think a way to think about addiction is this, addiction refers to an obsessive way of thinking about something. Be it a drug or alcohol concern, a financial concern, a sexual concern, but a preoccupation that has sort of taken over someone's way of thinking, and it also involves typically a change in behavior. there may be a compulsivity about their behavior, the person is taking actions, time and time and time again despite consequences in their lives that would lead us to believe that normally you would stop that kind of behavior. but many times this compulsion has taken a life of its own, and the person is not able to control their behaviors, and this may be what has become problematic for the family. what happens when someone comes into moonview is that we want to take a full assessment of both of those elements, not only kinds of obsessions or ruminations that may be going on in someone's mind, but also in the kinds of compulsive behaviors that they may be engaged in. The behaviors often times are risk behaviors, that may put someone in the potential for a legal compromise, for a medical compromise, there may be a health concern, there may be the concern that someone is not able to meet the demands in their life, it may be financially they have operated in a way that has put them or their loved ones at risk, so we need to get on top of that behavior quickly so that we can stop the damage cycle and stop the burn. we understand that while we may be able to help do that externally , that we have to understand fully what's been driving that behavior underneath so that we can work with someone to help them kinda come out of that process.


Transforming Personal Crisis



First of all what I want you to understand is that here at moonview you are looked at as an individual. you are not a collection of symptoms, you are not just a collection of historical events that have taken place in your life, and your not just a collection of pain and suffering in this moment. Those may be the elements that bring you into treatment in the very beginning, but a part of our job in working with you is to begin to open this up and to begin to understand who you are as a person. In all of your relationships, in your successes, in areas where you may not have achieved the way you want to. so that we begin to take some of the focus off of this hot moment that your in and to begin to understand who you are in the context of your life. we understand absolutely that when people come in their going to want to talk about the issue of the most intense concern, thats normal. And we are absolutely going to have those conversations. Because if we cant begin to cool that down and help you feel connected to us, we're not going to be able to help you with anything else. So absolutely thats the point of entry. But usually, pretty quickly, people understand that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes. And as we start to touch on that material and as we start to open that up, people can feel their anxiety start to come down because they get a sense that we're really getting underneath all of that to better understand not only how to help you in this moment, but how to help you over time.