How to know if Someone Needs Anger Management Treatment

How to know if someone needs anger management treatment

The term “anger management” is tossed around quite a bit in the common language. When someone gets cut off in traffic, they might say “she really needs anger management”, or when upset, shout at another person to “get themselves some anger management”. But the fact this, anger (and how individuals deal with it) is serious business.

Anger can be a healthy release when handled properly, but for many who are unable to cope properly with their anger, stress-related health problems or other concerns can be the result.

The definition of anger

While there are many levels of anger, it can be best described as an emotion that causes physical and psychological changes in the individual, including higher blood pressure and increased heart rate. These changes occur as a result of hormonal changes – specifically the levels of adrenalin and noradrenalin in the system.

The root causes of anger problem can vary from individual to individual. Some people are just born with the condition, while others develop anger issues because of environmental influences such as the stability of the household in which they were raised, their job, or other non-genetic factors.

Warning signs of an anger management problem

Individuals who believe they have an anger management problem (or are concerned about someone who may) should watch for the following warning signs:

  • Thinks about acts of violence or aggression
  • Finds themselves in situations where they are looking for a fight
  • Takes out frustrations on other drivers while on the road
  • Replays stressful, negative experiences repeatedly in their mind
  • Feels like “nobody understands” them
  • These warning signs represent only a handful of potential signals. The fact remains that people deal with their anger in different ways, and as such, there may be many more potential symptoms of the problem which may be unique to that individual.

What to do if someone you love has symptoms of an anger management problem?

Living with someone who has difficulty managing their anger can a cause of anxiety, and potentially dangerous. The individual in question needs professional help from counselors who know how to change behaviors, reduce stress, and help people make better decisions when they are angry. It is best to broach the subject in a calm, non-confrontational matter, pointing out to the individual the ways that their anger problem is negatively affecting the people they love. Friends or family should do their homework before speaking to the person about their problem.

By opening up the lines of communication, Moonview Sanctuary lets the healing process associated with proper anger management begin. Located in beautiful Santa Monica, California, Moonview Sanctuary offers holistic treatment through its Overcoming Personal Crisis programs that give the individual and his or her family a place to get the help they need. By approaching the issue of anger from perspectives of mind, body and spirit, Moonview helps treat the entire individual – allowing them to find peace and balance in a relatively short period of time.




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