How California Sports Therapy Creates Winners

Look across the United States sporting landscape and you will be hard pressed to find a place more devoted to sports and the develop of its athletes than California.  Ideal weather conditions and an emphasis on good health have helped generations of young Californians grow up to become the sports heroes of their respective eras – always striving to achieve peak performance.

This devotion to athletic achievement has helped the California sports therapy industry thrive as well.   These programs, which are dedicated to helping professional and amateur athletes develop the mental edge to match their physical prowess, are helping creating winners on and off of the field every day.

How Winners are made at California Sports Therapy Programs

  • Through focus training.  If two athletes have equal physical talents which one will come out on top during competition?  More than likely, the answer is the individual who is better focused on the task at hand.  Focus training for athletes helps men and women shut out the distractions that can interfere with performance.
  • By improving training regimens.   Physical training is not all about sweat and dedication.  If a training regimen is to be successful, the individual must adhere to their program without interruption.  Sports psychology training plays a role in this by helping outline strategies for designed better workouts and tricks for sticking with them.
  • By helping build mental toughness.   Not everyone is born with mental toughness.  But it can be developed through sports performance programs. Individuals turn to sports therapy to get “tips and tricks” to get motivated before a game, or stay “in the zone” even when they are on a losing streak.
  • By overcoming fears and negative impulses.  Athletes are often hampered by irrational fears and negative feelings that invade their “space” on the field of play and impact performance.  Sports therapy can help individual athletes overcome these fears, be they of failure, disapproval or any other phobia that impacts one’s mental state.


Who can Benefit from California Sports Therapy?


  • Young amateur athletes looking to develop good habits as they embark on their sporting career
  • Older athletes looking for that “extra edge” to compensate for the departure of some of their athletic skills.
  • Coaches who want to get the best out of their players – and learn how to help develop mental toughness and focus in their athletes.


Where are the California Sports Therapy Programs?


Although top-notch sports mental training programs exist all over California, the best can usually be found within a stone’s throw of the Pacific Ocean.   Southern California athletes in particular have always placed a terrific emphasis on developing strong mental skills and a desire to outthink their opponent.  Facilities in Santa Monica, San Diego and Westwood are all well-known for developing outstanding athletes.


The Optimal Performance program at Moonview Sanctuary helps athletes from all sports and skill levels achieve better mental performance on and off the field.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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