Signs You May Need An Alcohol Treatment Center


Family and friends are often the last to know when someone close to them has a drinking problem. This occurs not because they don’t care about the individual in question, but due to the fact that they are unaware of the warnings signs of alcohol addiction.

For those who believe that someone they know might need to be checked into an alcohol treatment center, the following list of warning signs provides a reference tool to use when making that determination.

Warning signs of alcoholism

The individual becomes anxious in situations where there is no alcohol readily available

The individual experiences “blackout” periods in which they can’t remember their actions from the night before

The individual continues to drink when it is no longer socially acceptable

The individual disappears without explanation for extended periods of time

The individual misses a significant amount of time at work of school

The individual smells like alcohol while at work or in school

The individual is often depressed, anxious or highly irritable

The individual has received a DUI or been in some other form of trouble with the police

The individual is having trouble making ends meet, and is not handling their bills in a timely or organized manner

The individual needs a large amount of alcohol in order to become intoxicated

The individual has lost interest in many of the activities or hobbies he once enjoyed

The individual has forgone old friends in exchange for a new set of friends who are more interested in frequently drinking alcohol.

The individual hides alcohol throughout the house

The individual becomes defensive or angry when some suggests that they may have a drinking problem.

Anyone one or more of these warning signs could mean that an individual has developed a drinking problem.

Helping someone with a drinking problem

In order to help someone with a drinking problem, friends and loved ones must stay alert for any of the warning signs above. Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step towards getting help for the individual.

Once a problem has been identified, or is suspected, next steps may include:

  • Calling for an intervention (only with the assistance of a professional interventionist)
  • Helping the individual research different executive alcohol rehab options
  • Helping the individual tidy up their affairs before checking into rehab
  • Driving the individual to rehab and helping them through the admissions process
  • Introducing the individual to outpatient alcohol rehab
  • Generally providing as much support as possible to the individual during this time of transition and uncertainty.

Moonview Sanctuary helps families who care enough about their loved one to help them get treatment for their alcohol addiction. Moonview features an addiction treatment center that focuses on the spiritual and mental well-being of the individual as a means of achieving recovery. The Releasing Addictions program at Moonview also incorporates cutting edge neuro-scientific techniques to help determine which areas of the brain are responsible for the addiction and treating them accordingly. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.





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