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Stress from ongoing pain or illness can impact your emotional well-being. As an illness becomes chronic, it wears down coping abilities, leading to emotional fatigue and burn out, creating a downward spiral. From this emotional and physical deficit it is difficult to mobilize the personal resources for recovery and for living.

If you have received a diagnosis of cancer or other life altering illness, it is likely to precipitate an emotional life crisis, as well as an evaluation of your life and your unfinished business. As with chronic illness, it will challenge your coping abilities.


The Moonview program will help reframe your condition in the most constructive manner to enhance your emotional well-being, help engage your body's optimal healing mechanisms and give you hope.


We have spent years researching a wide range of approaches that have been incorporated into The Moonview Sanctuary's Transformational Health track which is designed to address all aspects of optimal health and healing. The program begins with a systematic and comprehensive assessment that takes into account the unique way that you encounter your illness and your pain. We identify the effective aspects of your coping and also the coping mechanisms that are no longer useful and perhaps even destructive.


Our approach integrates the treatment of a team of professionals whose different orientations work synergistically to maximize your body's ability to function and minimize symptoms. In addition, our Program will give you the opportunity to address related emotional issues that can get triggered as a result of your medical crisis.


The Transformational Program includes:




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