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Releasing Addictions Group Program allows clients to come to Moonview three days a week, receiving four treatment services per day.  Utilizing Moonview Sanctuary’s trademarked method, the Moonview Model - a novel team approach combining mind, body and spirit modalities, clients are provided with an individual psychotherapy session, an intimate small group (up to three clients total) spiritual treatment session, a small group (up to six clients total) body/movement session and a 90 minute group psychotherapy session. This program is an excellent step down from residential care that integrates benefits of outpatient group treatment with sober living.
The program is 3 days a week and each client will be closely case managed and monitored for optimal treatment success.  Cost: $20,000/month
In summary, each day will include:

  • Individual psychotherapy session (1 hr)
  • Small group up to 3 individuals in spiritual treatment session (90 min)
  • Small group up to 6 individuals in body movement session (90 min)
  • Group psychotherapy session (90 min)

    Continuing Care (C3)

    Releasing Addictions Programs at Moonview integrate a broad range of counseling techniques and cutting-edge neuroscience with a foundation of spirituality, philosophy, and ancient wisdom traditions, to provide the most effective tools for personal transformation. The program features intensive, one-on-one treatments with a variety of specialists to provide the most private experience possible.

    Moonview customizes addiction treatment specifically for the needs and capabilities of each individual client. We understand that the true nature of addiction is a spiritual challenge, as well as a mental, emotional, and physiological pattern that requires a multi-faceted treatment approach. Our clinical treatment team is comprised of a wide range of addiction specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, holistic practitioners, and interventionists, who are recognized experts in their fields.

    Our caring approach is intended to enable individuals to examine all aspects of their lives in an objective and non-judgmental manner, which empowers them to make the behavioral changes and shifts in consciousness necessary to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.

    Moonview's Releasing Addiction treatment Program is structured in a two-tiered treatment configuration for such issues as alcohol recovery. The first tier, Collaborative Continuing Care, consists of four, 12-week quadrants that provide aftercare support for clients coming out of a primary treatment setting throughout their first year of recovery. The second tier is a custom-designed Releasing Addictions Full-year Program, which assists clients in achieving long-term, sustained recovery in the years following primary treatment. Clients are encouraged to enroll in both tiers of the program; however, each tier can be experienced separately.

    Collaborative Continuing Care (C3)
    Collaborative Continuing Care (C3) is a structured outpatient treatment after-care program to assist individuals to reintegrate into their lives after in-patient recovery treatment. Our clinical treatment team interfaces and collaborates with your primary care facility to create a seamless transition from the in-patient setting to continuing aftercare. C3 promotes continuity of treatment and allows the client to more fully explore issues and concerns addressed during in-patient primary treatment.

    The C3 Program is divided into four, 12-week quadrants, designed to support individuals through the first year of recovery. The program features a highly individualized protocol, which replicates the most effective treatment modalities from primary care (such as neurofeedback, EMDR, NET, Somatics, and Polarity therapy). Our flexible program structure allows clients to reintegrate into their daily work and social regimen while continuing to receive the guidance and support necessary to sustain recovery and healing.

    Clients may enroll in either the C3- Three Day Option, which consists of three (3) days per week, or the C3- Five Day Option, which consists of five (5) days per week. Treatment program fees vary depending on the services provided.

    Releasing Addictions Program - Collaborative Continuing Care (C3)
    Four - 12 week Quadrants (3 months)
    Three Day Option - 9 sessions per week
    Five Day Option - 15 sessions per week


    Self Help
    Daily 12-Step/ other self-help meetings (outside meetings attended at client's discretion)

    Work with a sponsor or recovery coach (at client's discretion)

    Clinical Management

    Releasing Addictions Assessment (RAA)

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    Releasing Addictions Full-year Program
    Releasing Addictions Full-year Program is an adaptation of Moonview's core program, designed specifically for sustained, long-term recovery of issues such as alcohol recovery. The program focuses on increasing spirituality, psychological insight and emotional stability while advancing personal responsibility, relationships, and goal setting. The program features a multi-modal treatment approach that provides an individual with the skills necessary to enhance their performance in both the personal and professional areas of their life, without reliance on addictive behavior or external substances.

    Upon completion of the Collaborative Continuing Care quadrants (or with a foundation of brief recovery), the client will meet with our clinical team to evaluate his or her opportunities for growth and healing and design a year long program that specifically meets their needs and goals. The Releasing Addictions Full-year Program will integrate a broad range of assessments administered by practitioners who are recognized experts in body-mind integrated techniques, including psychiatric, psychological, neurological, somatic, and holistic modalities.

    Moonview Sanctuary has assembled an extraordinary team of holistic practitioners who represent the most advanced technology in neuroscience, blended with ancient wisdom of health and healing to create a unique and extraordinary opportunity for self-awareness, learning and growth.

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