Programs: Our Core Program

We blend together the most advanced neuroscientific technology with ancient wisdom to produce a new, totally customized mode of psychological, physical and spiritual healing. With over 80 practitioners, our core program includes psychiatric and psychological evaluations and holistic therapies. We provide the most private and confidential treatment possible in a nurturing environment of calm and beauty.

Our organic and flexible process involving the sequencing of personalized therapies is unlike any traditional model; we design a program to address your uniqueness and your individual therapy needs.

A vital component of Moonview's program is our collaborative process. A clinical team, experts in their fields, meets daily to focus on your ongoing treatment plan. This enables us to continually re-evaluate and adapt therapies such as individual therapy for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Treatment of the family, significant others, and one's support network is integral to your healing and growth. We work extensively with those in your personal network in a variety of one-on-one and group situations to observe, understand and begin to facilitate improved communication patterns and interactions.

How Moonview Works

Our programs are fully customized.  This means that we can tailor your treatment to fit your schedule and it can be a duration and frequency that is most beneficial for your success.  The entire program is continually monitored for the highest quality of treatment.  We work with clients from around the world.  Because we have an extensive network of associates, we are able to integrate our unique treatment with therapeutic approaches in other cities to create a seamless program for anyone.

Moonview Malibu Sanctuary ( provides an exclusive residential wrap-around for customized continuing care for Moonview clients. The unique benefit of this offering is that it enables a client to reside with his or her spouse and family in a sober setting while attending outpatient treatment.

  • Private sober living home for the individual and family

  • Personal Support & Supervision
    Sober personnel

  • Transportation to and from Moonview treatment

  • Gourmet Breakfast & Dinner included

  • Releasing Addictions Group Program allows clients to come to Moonview three days a week, receiving four treatment services per day.  Utilizing Moonview Sanctuary’s trademarked method, the Moonview Model - a novel team approach combining mind, body and spirit modalities, clients are provided with an individual psychotherapy session, an intimate small group (up to three clients total) spiritual treatment session, a small group (up to six clients total) body/movement session and a 90 minute group psychotherapy session. This program is an excellent step down from residential care that integrates benefits of outpatient group treatment with sober living.
    The program is 3 days a week and each client will be closely case managed and monitored for optimal treatment success.  Cost: $20,000/month
    In summary, each day will include:

  • Individual psychotherapy session (1 hr)

  • Small group up to 3 individuals in spiritual treatment session (90 min)

  • Small group up to 6 individuals in body movement session (90 min)

  • Group psychotherapy session (90 min)

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