Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - What Are The Symptoms?

One of the most insidious illnesses facing individuals who are suffering from a serious disease like anorexia, terminal illness or other medical condition, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can strike people of any age. Most commonly caused by the effects of diseases such as cancer, thyroid failure or HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome is identified by a series of symptoms.

Studies by the Center For Disease Control in Washington have found that as many as 4 million Americans currently suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Further study of the demographics on those with CFS has found that many are unemployed – unable to hold down a job because of the nature of their symptoms. Many are forced to go on disability or enter CFS treatment centers as a result.

Individuals who exhibit one or more of the following symptoms can be classified as having CFS:

Obviously the central symptom of CFS. The fatigue experienced by those with CFS lasts over an extended period of time, commonly six months or longer. The fatigue usually comes on the heels of tremendous exhaustion brought on by the struggle with disease or illness.

Cognitive problems
Short-term memory loss is a common complaint of those with CFS. Many people are unable to remember key dates, times and facts. In some individuals, there is even verbal dyslexia, where in they are unable to pronounce common words or phrases.

Post-sleep exhaustion
Those with CFS are unable to feel refreshed after sleeping, even if they get an appropriate amount of sleep by normal standards.

Exhaustion after common activities
Those with chronic fatigue syndrome become very tired after simple activities, keeping them from performing at work or handling simple chores at home.

All-over body aches are a common symptom of individuals with CFS. Joints, legs and back all become sore over the long-term run of the disease.

Nobody wants to feel exhausted all the time. For that reason chronic depression is commonly found in those suffering from CFS.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can negatively impact an individual’s life in a variety of ways. And when it is added to a serious illness such as cancer, coping with CFS can be even more difficult. Those who wish to find relief from chronic fatigue syndrome are well-served by seeking out a program that treats the mind, body and the spirit. Holistic programs that help individuals find balance and peace in their lives have been known to be quite successful in treating CFS. There are many components to chronic fatigue syndrome, so the more a program treats several aspects of the individual, the more likely it is to help that person find relief.

The caring staff at Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California understands the challenges those with CFS face every day. Our experts treat every individual with CFS as just that, an individual. We design a customized holistic treatment plan to help you fight back against CFS, and regain your health and vitality so that you can enjoy more of life. Contact Moonview now to learn more about the groundbreaking “Transformational Health” program.




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