Terminal Illness Therapy for Families

What is terminal illness therapy for families?

One of the toughest things a family can endure is the terminal illness of a loved one.  Whether the family is caring for an elderly parent nearing the end of their life, or a child who has been stricken suddenly with illness, the strain these circumstances place on all the other members of the family unit can be devastating.

Therapy is a place to talk.  Many families feel as if they have no outlet to talk about their feelings when a loved one is terminally ill.   Counselors and therapists are first and foremost good listeners and create an environment in which everyone involved can talk openly without fear of judgment or reprisals.

Why terminal illness therapy for families is so important

There are several keys ways in which terminal illness treatment for families help individuals cope during the most difficult times, including:

Learning how to talk to one another

When an individual learns they have a terminal illness, they may be afraid or unwilling to ask their family for help.  Also, family members may become uncomfortable around the stricken individual – they themselves become unsure of how to act in an appropriate manner.  Counseling helps both sides of this equation talk openly and honestly about the situation – and reminds everyone that they are still the same people they were before the diagnosis.

Understanding that every illness is different

Terminal illness therapy for families offers coping strategies and information regarding the diagnosed illness in question.  Individuals who have long, lingering diseases will experience different emotions (and have different needs) than those who are given only a short time to live by doctors.  Helping families understand the difference, and showing them how to best engage the individual in each specific situation, is an important part of counseling.

Giving each member of the family a “safe place” to talk

Not all productive dialogue in family therapy takes place in a group setting.   Members of the family can also come in individually and talk to the counselors about their fears, frustrations and anything else that is causing them pain.    These sessions are a chance for individuals to unburden themselves and gain the strength needed to best care for their loved one.

Providing solutions moving forward

When a member of the family has a terminal illness, it is a good idea to be prepared for any situation that may occur as a result.  Counselors in a family terminal illness therapy program can help everyone involved understand the challenges that may lie ahead – from tending to the day to day needs of the ill individual to preparing for the worst if and when the individual nears the end.

Terminal illness therapy for families in Santa Monica, California

Moonview Sanctuary offers caring therapy for those families that are coping with a terminal illness.  The counselors at Moonview are all trained to help ease the pain of family members, while also providing real-world solutions for the challenges that the terminally ill individual and the family unit as a whole will face in the coming months and years.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about the Transformational Health program.





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