Common Sleep Disorder Treatment Programs

A sleep disorder treatment program is a chance for individuals to solve the irritating and sometime dangerous problems surrounding their sleep habits.  Treatment centers are staffed by professionals who have studied sleep patterns for years, and are fully equipped with the technology needed to identify and solve their patient’s problems.

How do Doctors Study Sleep?

In order to best assess the sleep disorder of an individual, a medical professional will use two basic approaches.  The first involves a full survey of the daily habits and routines of the individual.  This can include everything from diet to the hours of the day in which they work, exercise and eat.  By creating a detailed picture of the behavior of the individual, the doctor can make appropriate recommendations in terms of sleeping patterns.

The other method of evaluation is more involved and includes work at a sleep center.  The sleep center is a place where the individual will be studied while they sleep in order to observe the disorder first hand.  During sleep center treatment, the individual may be asked to wear a series of sensors that measure heart rate, brain waves and other vital measure.

Different Methods of Treating Sleep Disorders

There are different ways that a treatment professional can approach a sleep disorder.  Most commonly, they will either suggest behavioral changes or environmental changes to the patient.  There are also co-occurring issues to consider as well such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Behavioral changes include the time individuals go to be, their eating habits before bed and their activity level during the evening.  All of these changes represent a link to the quality of one’s sleep.  After a thorough interview regarding a patient’s personal habits, the doctor or treatment professional will be able to make an accurate assessment as to what should be changed in the daily routine,

Environmental changes refer to the process of choosing a more comfortable mattress, or changing the position in which one sleeps.   Some doctors may have a patient with sleep apnea and ask them to change the ventilation or the level of humidity in the room where they sleep.  Environmental changes address the factors external to the individual that can impact the length and quality of their sleeping patterns.

What are the Most Common Forms of Sleep Disorders?

The following disorders range in seriousness, but are all common problems experienced by millions of people around the world every year.

  • Sleep apnea – With sleep apnea, the individual stops breathing, or experiences shallow breathing while they sleep.  This can be a very serious condition that can cause death in some cases.
  • Snoring – Often confused with sleep apnea, snoring can cause a lack of sleep for the individual or their partner.
  • Narcolepsy - A neurological disorder that causes individuals to fall asleep without warning and also brings about feelings of heavy sleepiness.


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