Choosing a Pain Management Treatment Program

Coping with pain can be a difficult challenge.  Pain interferes with everything an individual does – from their interpersonal relationships to the proper execution of their job.  Add into the mix a serious illness or injury and the need for pain management treatment programs that treat both the physical and psychological components of the problem become even more crucial.

What is Pain Management Treatment?

Individuals who are coping with high levels of chronic pain need support in order to maintain a semblance of their normal life.  Pain management treatment programs use counseling and physical heath regimens to help minimize the impact that pain has on the day-to-day life of the individual.

This can include counseling to help develop coping strategies and holistic care to make the pain sufferer stronger in terms of body, mind and spirit.  For individuals who do not wish to over-medicate themselves with prescription painkillers in order to cope with pain, these programs provide a powerful, yet natural treatment alternative.

Who Should Consider Pain Management Treatment?

Individuals who have tried and failed to cope with pain on their own terms should consider the kind of professional help found at pain management treatment centers.  These individuals include:

  • Those suffering from a terminal illness
  • Those suffering from a painful chronic illness
  • Those recovering from major surgery
  • Those recovering from an injury

How to Choose a Pain Management Treatment Program

Because not every pain management treatment plan is right for every individual, it is important to do some research before choosing a program.  Individuals are urged to consider the following:

  • Expertise in the specific type of pain.  Back pain is different than pain associated with migraine headaches, just as pain caused by an injury is different than that brought on by bone cancer.  Potential patients should ask questions about the program’s expertise in the area relevant to their situation.
  • Convenience.  The pain management treatment program should be located close to the individual’s home or place of business.  Spending an excess amount of time in the car in order to reach the treatment facility can be counterproductive in terms of dealing with pain.
  • Treatment style.  Some facilities take a spiritual approach to pain management, while other may focus on a more physical/rehab style.  Still others may use holistic methods such as yoga, meditation or acupuncture as a means for treating pain.  In order to get the most out of the program, it is important that the individual chooses a treatment plan that matches their comfort level and is in tune with their belief system.
  • Schedule.  Unfortunately, some people must continue to work or attend school while coping with pain.  Others may need to see their doctor regularly for treatment of a related medical condition.  In these cases, it is important to find a program with flexible hours that meet the individual’s scheduling needs.

Moonview Sanctuary’s Transformational Health program helps individuals cope with high levels of pain that can preclude them from leading a normal life.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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