Who Needs a Pain Management Center?

Ask anyone who suffers from high pain levels on a recurring basis what it means to live with pain, and they are likely to provide the following responses:

It keeps from wanting to get up in the morning”

“I can’t perform by job effectively”

“The stress of it all is having a negative impact on my family.”

Pain management treatment centers help these chronic pain sufferers cope with their discomfort in such a way that allows them to live healthier lives in almost every respect.  And while some pain management centers focus on medicinal treatment such as Vicodin, OxyContin or other powerful drugs, many more have chosen to place their professional focus on holistic care and the connection between body and mind as a means of treatment.

Who Benefits Most from a Pain Management Center?

Anyone who suffers from significant levels of pain can benefit from the care at a pain management center.  In particular, the following groups stand to gain the most:

  • Individuals with serious or terminal illnesses.  The pain associated with serious illnesses such as cancer or AIDS can be tremendous.  In fact, the pain itself becomes so difficult to cope with that it often keeps the individuals from progressing with their recovery.
  • Individuals who are recovering from surgery.   During the weeks and months following major surgery, the pain experienced by the individual can be debilitating.  Like those with a major illness, pain starts a cycle of depression and stress that have a marked impact on recovery time.
  • Individuals who live with chronic pain.  Finally, by addressing the psychological and physical root causes of the problem, those individuals who live their lives with chronic pain can benefit from the life strategies taught by the counselors and therapists at a pain management center.


Why is Pain Management Treatment so Important?


When an individual suffers from high levels of pain, it can create psychological side effects including:  stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions.  These psychological issues can in turn hamper the individual’s recovery from the condition that was causing the pain in the first place!  Pain management centers are therefore important because they break a highly negative cycle and improve the overall outlook of the individual.


What are the Benefits of Pain Management Centers?


For many people, coping with pain precludes them from work or many of the activities that make life worth living.  While some will use prescription painkillers as a means for negating their pain, it may not be enough for some (while others will balk at the potentially addictive nature of opiate-based medication).  Some of the unique options offered at pain management centers include:


  • Holistic care (including yoga, acupuncture and meditation)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mind/body treatment techniques that use cognitive therapy to help cope with pain
  • Everyday skills and exercises used for pain management. 


Moonview Sanctuary offers pain management treatment from its outpatient facility in Santa Monica, California.   The staff at Moonview’s Transformation Health program helps individuals cope with their pain and develop simple, yet highly effective strategies for living healthier lives in mind, body and spirit.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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