The Advantages of Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapy

Individuals who suffer from an eating disorder can see their lives unravel right before their eyes.  The physical and psychological ramifications of these serious disorders leave many individuals alone, isolated and in poor health.  To help treat these individuals, outpatient eating disorder therapy provides a stabilizing influence and a unique opportunity to address the issues of self-image and self-confidence that have brought the problem to bear.

What is Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapy?

Outpatient eating disorder therapy is a program that meets during the day on a regular basis, but gives the individual a chance to return to their home in the evening.  Most commonly, these programs provide:

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapy?

The most powerful advantages to outpatient care include:

  • Additional support at home.  Many individuals with an eating disorder need the support of their family and friends during treatment.  An outpatient program allows these individuals a chance to return home to their love and support each evening.
  • A chance to maintain responsibilities.  Many individuals cannot simply up and leave home in order to attend residential eating disorder therapy.  These individuals may have school or work responsibilities that preclude them from leaving for an extended period – despite the seriousness of their condition.  Outpatient care gives them addition flexibility in terms of their scheduling.
  • The ability to attend additional treatment programs.  Many of those who suffer from an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia also have drug or alcohol problem that requires professional help.  By attending outpatient eating disorder therapy, the individual can visit other programs throughout the course of the week.
  • A chance to integrate their treatment into real life.   Individuals who take part in outpatient eating disorder therapy have the benefit of being able to put their lessons into play during treatment.  The discoveries made during eating disorder therapy are meant to help strengthen the individual – and being able to utilize them while treatment is going on is a huge boon to recovery.

Who Should Consider Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapy

Outpatient therapy is an ideal choice for anyone who is suffering from an eating order.  However, those who are in the advanced stages of anorexia may want to consider a residential program located in a hospital setting.   Individuals with anorexia are in a very precarious state in terms of their physical health and may require the constant care of medical professionals in order to stabilize their condition during therapy.

Moonview Sanctuary treats individuals in an outpatient setting through their Transformational Health program.  The expert professionals at Moonview understand the powerful hold an eating disorder can have on an individual and will do everything in their power to help strengthen that patient in mind, body and soul.   Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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