What You need to Know about Outpatient Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that strikes thousands of individuals every day. Characterized by binge-and-purge behavior, bulimia is found primarily is young women who are suffering with self-esteem or traumatic stress issues.

Bulimia carries deadly consequences when untreated. For those lucky enough to get help, outpatient eating disorder treatment provides comprehensive care for the individual, while allowing them to spend time and home during the process.

One of the most insidious eating disorder, bulimia must first be properly understood before treatment can begin.

What is bulimia?
Bulimia is an eating disorder in which the individual consumes a large number of calories, sometimes as many as 5,000, and then follows that with a forced purge of the food from the system. This purging usually comes in the form of self-induced vomiting, laxatives, enemas or other methods.

Symptoms of bulimia
Common symptoms of bulimia include: binge eating, secretive binge eating, laxative use, frequent trips to the bathroom during and immediately following meals, tooth decay, sudden weight and a generally unhealthy appearance (although, it is important to note that unlike anorexia, the individual with bulimia may actually maintain a normal weight while stricken with the condition).

What are the dangers of bulimia?
If the bulimic uses vomiting as her purging methods, there may be deterioration of the esophagus and teeth as a result of the stomach acids emitted during the process. In many cases, the body begins to waste away, feeding on itself until the condition becomes irreversible. Eventually internal organs become significantly damaged and death occurs.

What is outpatient bulimia treatment?
Outpatient treatment refers to those programs in which the individual suffering from bulimia attends counseling and other programs during the day, but then returns home in the evening.
Who should attend outpatient bulimia treatment?
Anyone who has a problem with bulimia, and does NOT require round-the-clock medical observation should consider outpatient treatment. Outpatient is an excellent choice for those individuals who have a support structure at home, or need to stay in the general “flow” of life (such as work or school) as they go through treatment.

Getting someone into bulimia treatment
Chances are, the individual is not going to check themselves into outpatient eating disorder counseling without the love and support of family and friends. The private nature of bulimia, along with the shame and self-esteem issues associated with the disease keep many people from discussing their bulimia openly. Family members are therefore urged to stay vigilant and watch for the signs and symptoms listed above.

Located in the ocean-side city of Santa Monica, California, Moonview Sanctuary offers individuals and their families a place to cope with bulimia while creating a healthier, more balanced life free of eating disorders. Outpatient bulimia treatment at Moonview means days full of caring, effective counseling and program that help the individual greatly enhance their self-esteem, and achieve real happiness and fulfillment for the first time in a long time. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about the Transformation Health program.




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