Los Angeles Bulimia Therapy

One of the most common eating disorders found in Southern California, bulimia (or “bulimia nervosa”) is a serious illness that can negatively impact the health of an individual in a number of ways.  A more insidious condition than anorexia because it lacks many of the physical symptoms of that eating disorder, bulimia is nonetheless a physically and emotionally devastating condition.  For those whose problems are serious enough to merit treatment, a Los Angeles eating disorder treatment program is highly recommended.

What is Bulimia?

Bulimia refers to a condition in which the individual will eat a large meal and then purge the food before the calories have a chance to be digested.   Purging is achieved through a variety of means, including: self-induced vomiting, laxatives and enemas.   To purge food constantly in this manner can lead to a variety of health problems, including: liver failure, problems with the esophagus and stomach lining.

What is Bulimia Therapy?

Bulimia therapy not only makes sure that the individual’s physical symptoms associated with the illness are treated, but more importantly takes on the psychological factors that lead to the condition in the first place.

Eating disorder counselors work closely with the patient to discuss issues of self-image and body type.  And if there is an issue of physical or sexual abuse in the patient’s past (and there often is with eating disorder cases) these key issues will be addressed as well.  The point of it all is to get to the root of the problem.  Medical professionals can treat the symptoms forever, but until the key reasons why the individual has bulimia have been addressed, they will continue to repeat themselves.

What’s Unique about Los Angeles Bulimia Therapy?

Throughout the world-wide treatment community, Los Angeles is known as a place for progressive thinkers.  In terms of bulimia therapy, patients who take part in LA-based programs are more likely to find cutting-edge methodologies as well as holistic care that have its origins in Far Eastern cultures centuries old.

Modern technology is utilized through brain mapping and other neuro-based techniques that can pinpoint the areas of the brain that are not functioning properly and therefore may be causing the eating disorder (this is already being used to great effect in Los Angeles drug rehab centers around the city).

And when it comes to spiritually uplifting holistic bulimia therapy, few places in the world can boast more treatment options than Los Angeles.   These facilities use yoga, meditation and acupuncture to help the individual achieve more peace and inner-strength.  Once this process is initiated, the individual is going to be better equipped to cope with their problems and take on bulimia will a clear mind.

Moonview Sanctuary offers a number different bulimia treatment options through their highly-regarded Transformational Health program.  The caring, expert professionals at Moonview can help men and women end their eating disorders and better cope with the factors that caused them.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.





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