Holistic Pain Management Therapy

All too often, medical professionals turn to prescription medication as a means of treating their patients' chronic pain or pain suffered as a result of injury of accident. And while medications such as OxyContin and Vicodin treat the symptoms of pain - they do little to treat the problem at the source (and often put the individual at risk for developing a serious drug addiction).

Holistic pain management therapy is a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for coping with pain. By using a number of different ancient Eastern treatment modalities, holistic treatment facilities are able to enhance the wellness of the individual to such a point where coping with pain becomes much easier.

Different Types of Holistic Pain Management Therapy

There are a number of different types of holistic pain management therapy, including:

  • Yoga. To an individual suffering from chronic pain, the thought of taking part in a daily yoga class may seem unpleasant at first, however the benefits are immense. Growing more limber, getting in shape and achieving a higher state of consciousness are just some of the benefits of yoga that can specifically address the issues of those with pain.
  • Meditation. There is a vicious cycle that takes place when an individual suffers from chronic pain. Their discomfort leads to stress which in turn makes their pain feel more acute. By engaging in mediation the individual is shutting out the distractions of everyday life that keep them from achieving true wellness.
  • Nutritional Counseling. Sometimes an individual can improve their ability to manage pain simply by eating healthier, more natural foods. For that reason, many pain management therapy programs now offer nutritional counseling as a part of their comprehensive program. A nutritional counselor can help individuals select food that improves their mental acuity and buoyancy - both making it easier to cope with chronic pain.
  • Acupuncture. Perhaps the oldest pain management therapy in the world, acupuncture has helped millions of people across centuries achieve relief from pain. Through an understanding of the impact points throughout the body, the acupuncturist is able to place small needles around the body and pinpoint/treat the areas that are causing significant discomfort.

Moonview Sanctuary offers individuals who are suffering from chronic pain a chance to finally find relief. The groundbreaking treatment style used at this Santa Monica, California facility combine elements of holistic therapy with cutting-edge neuroscience to address every aspect of the individual's condition. For more information contact Moonview Sanctuary today and ask about the Transformational Health program.




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