Holistic Mental Health Treatment

The modern world is filled with wondrous technologies that makes our lives easier and helps us achieve great things that only decades ago would have been thought to be impossible. 

But sometimes, there is room in our modern world for older, more traditional elements.  Such is the case with holistic treatment for mental health issues.  While millions of people achieve wellness through the use of prescription medications and modern neurological procedures, there are those who improve their mental health with ancient holistic techniques that have been helping cultures around the world for centuries.

Mental Health Issues that can be Treated Using Holistic Care

There are a variety of different mental health issues that can be treated using holistic practices, including:

If the condition has elements involving the mind and/or the body, then the odds are good that holistic medicine can help provide treatment in some significant way.

Holistic Practices for Mental Health Treatment

In the battle against depression, anxiety, stress and other common yet debilitating mental disorders, professionals may employ several of the following holistic treatment methods:

  • Yoga - Helps the individual achieve a greater balance in their life.  Enhances the body so that the individual can be stronger in the fight to achieve good mental health.
  • Meditation – Another holistic practice that helps provide balance.  Meditation gives the individual a means of shutting out the distractions in their life so they can better focus on overcoming depression or anxiety.
  • Acupuncture – By placing needles in the pressure points around the body that control depression, stress and anxiety, acupuncturists are able to provide relief to these areas.  For those who may not believe in acupuncture as a viable treatment method, consider it the precursor to today’s modern biofeedback techniques.
  • Tai chi – In addition to the physical health benefits, the art of Tai Chi helps individual achieve great self-discipline, an important skill to have when confronting the difficult issues that come up during therapy.

Combing Holistic Practices with Modern Technology

Some of the most effective mental health treatment programs are those that combine elements of holistic care with modern modalities.  In these cases, the patient may spend a portion of their treatment day undergoing biofeedback or therapy, but then enhance their wellness through yoga or meditation at other points during the day.  The combination of the two provides a “whole body” approach to mental health treatment that enriches not only the mind, but the body and the spirit as well.

Moonview Sanctuary combines the ancient practice of holistic care with modern treatment styles that include neurofeedback training and cognitive therapy.  It’s a powerful combination that has helped thousands of patients overcome their mental health issues.  For more information, contact Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica California and ask about their Transformational Health program.




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