Family Illness Treatment - Caring For Family

Finding out that a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness is one of the most difficult things a family will ever have to endure. As a family, you are devastated by the news, but also want to be there to fully support your ailing parent, sibling, spouse or child.

Here are some things you should know about how to cope with such a diagnosis. This information will help you be there for your beloved family member, while also maintaining your own mental health.

Don’t create a false atmosphere
When interacting with an ill loved one, being overly cheerful or acting as if nothing out of the ordinary is occurring will only serve to create a stressful situation. Remember, just because the person is sick does not mean they won’t be able to see right through what you are doing. The best atmosphere to create when a family member is in late-stage cancer treatment or other terminal illness is a normal one. Feel out the situation. Try to allow them as many normal activities or topics of conversation as they wish.

Be there to listen
The individual suffering from a terminal illness may be confused, scared or feel alone. Put their own needs above yours and be a good listener. Acting as a confidant, or just a shoulder to cry on, will help them to feel supported and loved. Never try to act as a counselor or medical expert. Your family member is getting plenty of expert opinion elsewhere in their lives. What he or she needs from you is pure, unconditional love and support.

Understand that things don’t always go according to plan
Many counselors will tell you that every person suffering with a terminal illness treatment goes through certain stages of grief (denial, anger, acceptance, etc.) at certain points in time. While this may be true in many cases, every individual is different! Your family member will cope in the way that feels right to them, and you should never judge that process based on something you read or heard from a third party.

Know that it’s OK to grieve
While you want to remain strong and supportive when in the presence of a terminally ill family member, it is perfectly fine, indeed natural, to grieve. Overwhelming sadness and other emotions are going to come -- to try and fight them back with only cause additional stress. Let your emotions go – find a confidant with whom to share your feelings. If the grieving process begins to interfere with your day to day life, seek help from a psychiatric professional.

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