Famous People And Treatment For Eating Disorders

Life in front of the camera can cause many individuals to develop a rather warped sense of self-esteem. For many young women, the pressure of being in the public eye, the unforgiving presence of the camera, and all the attention brought about by celebrity resulted in the development of an eating disorder.

The following is a list of several top celebrities who have developed eating disorders.

Celebrities with eating disorders

Paula Abdul, Singer – The American Idol judge and choreographer battled bulimia and self-esteem issues for years until checking herself into treatment in the mid-1990’s.

Justine Bateman, Actor – TV actress from the 1980’s hit Family Ties was deep in the grasp of bulimia for many years. Now is an active speaker providing awareness about the disease.

Karen Carpenter, Singer* - Perhaps the most high-profile victim of an eating disorder, more so because the tragic end to her story. The beloved singer-songwriter struggled with anorexia for many years, before succumbing to the disease after dying of a cardiac arrest at the age of 32.

Nadia Comaneci, Gymnast – One of the greatest gymnasts of all-time, and of the many from her sport to struggle with an eating disorder.

Susan Dey, Actor – Another high-profile actress (LA Law and The Partridge Family) who became a vocal advocate for supporting those with anorexia and bulimia.

Diana, Princess of Wales – The world-wide spotlight led her into a battle with bulimia and self-abuse that lasted for many years. She spoke openly about the problem in the years before her accidental death in a car accident.

Jane Fonda, Actor/Activist – The fitness queen of the 1980’s and legendary actress admitted in her autobiography that she had been a secretive bulimic since the age of 12.

Mary-Kate Olsen, Actress – One half of the famous Olsen twins checked herself into rehab for anorexia and went on to a full recovery. Gave away her “skinny” clothes to raise money for charity and has since maintained a more normal weight.

Tracy Gold, Actor – First diagnoses with anorexia at the age of 12, the TV actress almost lost her life after a relapse of the condition when she was in her late teens. In 1994, she played the lead role in “For the Love of Nancy” a made-for-TV movie about anorexia victim Nancy Walsh.

Gerri Halliwell, Singer – The Spice Girl admitted to bulimia and binge eating for several years as the band was at the peak of its popularity.

Heidi Guenther, Ballet Dancer – Was once told that at five feet five inches tall and 95 pounds that she was “too chunky”. Guenther developed an eating disorder in her late teens and died from complications of it when she was 22.

Other celebrities who have struggled with eating disorders
Margaux Hemingway, Actor, Christy Henrich, Gymnast, Daniel Johns, Musician, Kathy Johnson, Gymnast, Gelsey Kirkland, Ballet Dancer, Lucy Lawless, Actor, Gilda Radner, Actor/Comic, Cathy Rigby, Gymnast, Joan Rivers, Comic, Ally Sheedy, Actor

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