What To Know Before Eating Disorder Counseling

Eating disorders are highly misunderstood among the general population. Most people are unable to generate much sympathy for those with an eating disorder because of this lack of understanding. In fact, by the time an individual enters eating disorder counseling, chances are they have by been subjected to some form of discrimination or insensitivity.

What follows is a brief look and some of the most common misconceptions about eating disorders and eating disorder treatment, and the actual facts that dispel them.

Myth: Only women from wealthy socio-economic backgrounds develop eating disorders.

Fact: While a significant percentage of those individuals who develop bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders do come from wealthy, well-educated homes, these diseases can strike anyone from any walk of life.

Myth: Only women develop eating disorders

Fact: Although it is not widely reported outside of the medical community, there are a significant number of men who develop eating disorders. In fact, anywhere between 5% and 10% off all reported eating disorders occur in men.

Myth: All bulimics vomits as a means of purging calories from their system.

Fact: Vomiting is only one of the means an individual with bulimia uses to purge after eating. Other potentially dangerous methods include taking large amounts of laxatives and enemas.

Myth: All bulimics are very skinny

Fact: It is impossible to tell a bulimic by their body weight. Unlike anorexics, bulimic can be any size or body type.

Myth: There are plenty of women out there who look like models – and they do it naturally.

Fact: Women with eating disorders see all women as thinner or prettier than they are. They see the catwalk models of New York and Paris as the ideal – and make the images of these women their goal. But consider how rare these “model-types” actually are: nutritional researchers have found that only 1 in every 10,000 women are model-tall and model-thin naturally.

Myth: Once someone with an eating disorder hits their target weight, they will stop and return to a normal life.

Fact: Of all the myths surround eating disorders this one (that implies the individual has a measure of control over their behavior) is one of the most dangerous. For the person with an eating disorder there is no target weight. The individual’s self-esteem has become drastically altered, so that they never feel good about themselves or their appearance. It is a vicious cycle that cost many people their lives each year.

Myth: Individuals with an eating disorder are powerless to stop it.

Fact: Those individuals who seek treatment for their eating disorder are putting themselves in a position to overcome the illness. With counseling, proper medical treatment and the support of family and friends, those with an eating disorder can regain control of their lives.

Moonview Sanctuary helps individuals with an eating disorder regain control of their lives through holistic rehabilitation. The expert staff at Moonview knows the importance of rebuilding self-esteem and achieving spiritual wellness as a means of overcoming these truly debilitating illnesses. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Transformational Health program.




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