How Coping with Pain can Turn into Addiction

Whether it is due to serious injury or illness, millions of people are forced to deal with chronic pain as a part of everyday life. For many of these pain sufferers, relief comes in the form of prescription medication, specifically, powerful painkillers prescribed by doctors.

Coping with pain by using painkillers does nothing to help treat the root cause of the pain. Doctors will prescribe painkillers such as Vicodin or OxyContin in an effort to help the individual simply make it through the day. As a result, these medications are simply helping to “buy time” while the individual is healed in other ways. It is what happens during this time that can be dangerous.

The problem with major prescription painkillers is that they contain opiates – a highly addictive substance that causes euphoric effects. At first, the good feeling that say, Vicodin provides is literally just what the doctored ordered. The patient will take the drug and, for the first time in a long time, they are able to take part in normal activities without experiencing significant pain.

They continue to take the drug throughout the illness or injury recovery time because it makes them feel good. Then one day, the doctors tell the person that they have recovered from their illness or their injury has healed. The individual misses the good feeling caused by the painkillers, however, and since there are a couple of pills left in the bottle, decides to take them “just for fun…just this once.”

Then, the individual continues to take the medication to experience their euphoric effects. The problem is, the individual has developed a tolerance for the Vicodin, so it now takes more of the drug to experience the feeling that one pill used to deliver. Complicating matters further, the individual discovers that when he tries to quit taking the medication, he develops tremendous cravings for the drug.

So now, it takes more and more of the drug to achieve a “high”, and to make matters worse, the individual can’t stop taking the medication without experiencing discomfort. This is how quickly coping with pain can turn to addiction.

The individual then begins breaking the law to obtain the Vicodin. He begins stealing from the medicine cabinets of friends and family, faking prescriptions, and even “Doctor Shopping” in which he goes from physician to physician with faked injuries in the hope they will prescribe him more medication.

Finally, friends and family get together and hold an intervention for the individual. They discuss all the ways he has hurt them while addicted to Vicodin and urge him to get treatment. The individual then enters a drug rehab program, where he undergoes detox to get off the drug, and counseling to learn how to stay that way.

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