Myths And Facts About Coping With CFS

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses in the DSM-IV. Those who suffer from CFS are often not taken seriously for the sole reason that individuals do not, as a general rule, have a good grasp on the seriousness of the illness, and the havoc it can cause to those who suffer from it.

What follows are some of the common myths about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the real facts behind them.

Myths and facts about living and treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Myth: Individuals who have CFS are just tired

Fact: This is the chief misnomer about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the individuals who suffer from it. These individuals did not simply “have a rough day at the office” as many people would believe. They suffer from a seriously debilitation condition that leaves them exhausted after the most basic daily activities.

Myth: There’s no real science behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fact: This too is an incorrect statement. Studies have shown that individuals suffering from CFS have chemical imbalances and other problems within their immune systems or neurological systems.

Myth: Anyone who has even been tired knows how the person with CFS feels

Fact: The exhaustion experienced by those with CFS is far more intense and physically draining that the exhaustion another individual will feel after general activity. People who have a hard time imagining how someone with CFS feels, needs only to run up and down three flights of stairs four times, then remember how winded they are. THAT is how someone with CFS feels after walking to the corner mailbox to send a letter.

Myth: Being tired all the time is the only symptom of CFS

Fact: In addition to exhaustion, individuals with CFS have been known to exhibit other symptoms, including: confusion, lack of concentration skills and memory loss. Recent studies have shed some light on this issue, as researchers have found that individuals with lesions on their brain experience a lack of proper blood flow which accounts for these symptoms, as well as the exhaustion experience by individuals with CFS.

Myth: Doctors know everything there is to know about CFS

Fact: Research like the studiy listed above is just the tip of the iceberg. The medical community still knows little about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as compared to other illnesses. Continued study of CFS hopes to shed more light on the causes for the illness, and how it can be treated more effectively.
The good news about CFS is that more people are now separating fact from fiction when it comes to the illness. That means increased awareness about the seriousness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and hopefully more funding for research that works towards finding a cure.

At Moonview Sanctuary's CFS treatment center, individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can receive outstanding care that helps them cope with the symptoms and overcome the stigma sometimes attached to the illness. Working closely with the expert staff at Moonview educated in chronic illness treatment, individuals are giving a chance to achieve a fresh outlook on life, and begin to experience many of the things that CFS had kept them from enjoying.

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