Tips For Coping With CFS

Coping with CFS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a daily challenge for those who live with the condition. The effects of CFS drain the individual of their energy, and keep them from living healthy, productive lives. When attempting to cope with CFS, individuals are urged to focus on winning small battles against the disease, doing little things that, taken together, can enhance life and provide hope.

The following are simple tips and strategies for coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Prepare meals when energy levels are high
Proper nutrition is an important part of coping with CFS. But many individuals are too tired by mid-day or evening to create a menu filled with natural foods and proper ingredients. Instead, they eat easy-to-prepare junk food that perpetuates a cycle of poor nutrition.

Write everything down
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome causes memory loss in many individuals. By taking notes about important tasks and events, there’s less of a chance that CFS will interrupt the normal flow of the day.

Shut out distractions at bedtime
For many CFS sufferers, any slight distraction (such as noise and light) can make sound sleep difficult. Try eyeshades and earplugs to block out light and white noise respectively.

Understand triggers
Every individual has different things that cause them stress or anxiety, and thus make coping with CFS that much more difficult. Try to avoid those situations that cause stress. Pay close attentions to events and occurrences that lead to symptoms.

Be a positive person
Negativity leads to stress, which can worsen the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A positive outlook helps keep these stressors in check, and allows the individual to live a more productive, hopeful life.

Don’t be hard on yourself
Trying to keep up with the pace of non-CFS life can drain the individual even further. Always remember that CFS is a disease, and people who suffer from it must move at a more deliberate pace in order to stay healthy and productive.

Take part in enjoyable activities
Hobbies and passions play an important role in the life of a CFS sufferer. Taking part in pleasurable activities help enrich the soul, and releases the tension built up by the stress of being tired all the time. Don’t push too hard, but try and stay active and engaged as much as possible.

When tired, take a break
Many CFS sufferers forget to stop and rest from time to time. This leads to greater exhaustion at the end of the day, and a slower recovery time from the symptoms of CFS. As mentioned above, the pace of life experienced by someone with CFS is very different than the general population. Understand these differences and act accordingly.

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