Facts For Those Considering Chronic Illness Treatment

As the name suggest chronic illness refers to those medical conditions that last for an extended period of time or that the individual experiences on a reoccurring basis. Chronic illness treatment is expensive and time-consuming – and the effects of the illnesses themselves can bring about as many psychological problems as they do physical ailments. Those with chronic illnesses are often scared and confused – unable to see the light and the end of the tunnel, as every day brings more challenges and discomfort.

Examples of chronic illnesses
There are a wide variety of chronic illnesses, but the most common (and serious) are:

Statistics on chronic illness
Because of the widely varied nature of illnesses termed “chronic illness” hard numbers are often difficult to come by. However, researchers have confirmed the following statistics regarding the elderly, one of the highest-risk groups for any number of chronic illnesses.

80% of individuals age 65 or older are currently living with at least on chronic illness

67% of these same elderly people are currently living with TWO or more chronic illnesses

Helping those with chronic illnesses cope
Many times, the individual with a chronic illness experiences feelings of despair and hopelessness. The nature of the illness makes these people feel as if they will never enjoy life again. Every day, the individual wakes up and feels like he or she will not find a way to make it through until tomorrow. It is up to family and friends to provide support and understand for their loved one with a chronic illness. Helping with daily activities, being a sounding board, providing a shoulder to cry on and even helping to locate an appropriate coping or treatment program will all serve the individual with a chronic illness very well – and make their lives that much easier.

Tips for coping with chronic illness
Set realistic goals. There are many things that a chronic illness prevents an individual from accomplishing, but there are even MORE things they can still do effectively. Focus on those things that can be accomplished in a relatively pain-free manner and build off of those tasks to enrich self-esteem.

Manage anger properly
Many people become frustrated and bitter in the face of their illness. But these behaviors only serve to drain much-needed energy. Try and stay positive.
Seek professional help. Many individuals with chronic illness are too ashamed, or do not know where to turn to seek help for coping with their situation. The fact is, there are MANY outstanding facilities whose primary focus is to help those with chronic illnesses. These programs provide coping skills, plans for better health, and outstanding methods for improving the mental and physical state of the individual.

Moonview Sanctuary provides healthy living strategies for those suffering from major chronic illness. The caring professionals at Moonview work closely with every patient to make sure that their spiritual and emotional needs are being met – so that they can achieve a more singular focus on coping with their illness. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their highly successful Transformation Health programs.




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