Coping With Life During Cancer Treatment Counseling

There was a time when a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence - but it's not the terminal illness it once was. Thankfully, with advances in pharmaceuticals and treatment styles, many individuals can now expect a full recovery from almost any form of the disease, including: lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer and others forms of the illness. And while some are, sadly, not able to recover from the disease, there is hope for the future as new, advanced treatment methods continue to be developed.

But just because cancer has become treatable does not mean that a cancer diagnosis is not a scary experience. The days and weeks following the diagnosis can be an emotional rollercoaster ride for the individual and his or her family. Before an individual enters cancer treatment counseling, questions abound about how to find the best treatment, how to cope with physical changes, and figuring out the best way to care for family members during their recovery,

What follows is information designed to help individuals and their loved ones cope with cancer, and provide them with positive things to focus on during this time of change and uncertainty.

Don’t hide the news about your diagnosis
It is only natural for a person to want to shield friends and family from the news about the disease. However, this behavior is counter-productive. Openness about the diagnosis from early on will give everyone a chance to share their feelings and provide crucial support.

Be prepared for the changes
In particular, an individual should be prepared for the physical changes that may occur as a result of their cancer treatment. Many medications have side effects that can include hair loss and other physical changes. If appearance is important, seek out help from image counselors who work with cancer patients. Individuals who are concerned about the effects of treatment must express those feelings to a medical professional who provide the answers.

Stay as healthy as possible
Maintaining good health during cancer treatment is good for the mind (maintaining a positive mental attitude) as well as the body (it will help increase the effectiveness of your treatment plan). Eating healthy foods getting lots of rest give the body a better fighting chance against the rigors of cancer.

Strive to maintain a normal life
By trying to enjoy everything that was important in life before the cancer diagnosis, an individual is helping maintain a positive mental attitude about their situation, which will pay dividends during treatment. Why? Because the mind and body are closely linked – and the better an individual’s mental state, the more receptive the body will be towards recovery.

Don’t push away people who want to help
Loved ones who want to help the person going through cancer treatment often get pushed away by the very individuals they are trying to help. Whether it is because of pride, denial or other factors, the instinct for many is to try and go it alone. Instead, the individual who has been diagnosed with cancer should reach out to their support system (made up of people who genuinely want to help) and gain support and strength from the people closest to them.

The Transformational Health program at Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California provides holistic rehabilitation and revitalization at a time of great uncertainty. Working closely with the individual who has received a cancer diagnosis, Moonview helps build proper coping strategies, and develop plans for healthy living to better overcome the effects of the disease. Contact Moonview today for more information.




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