Who should get sex therapy in California?

Sex therapy is one of the fastest growing forms of counseling in the state of California.  Every year thousands of California residents who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior or sexual performance issues engage in therapy for their condition.  But sex therapy is not right for everyone.  Individuals who are considering entering into treatment should ask themselves the following questions first.

Who Should Get Sex Therapy in California?

Because of the wide variety of sexual issues treated in sex therapy, a counselor will meet with every individual on a one-to-one basis in order to help them determine if therapy is right course of action.  Individuals who should consider sex therapy include:

  • Those who are engaging in compulsive sexual behavior, i.e. sex addiction
  • People who are confused about their sexual orientation
  • Men who are suffering with erectile dysfunction
  • Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation issues
  • Men or women who have become averse to sex with their partners
  • Individuals who are suffering from emotional or physical discomfort during sex

Why is Sex Therapy So Important?

Individuals who are suffering from any of the conditions above are likely experiencing negative emotional consequences as a result.  Conditions that require sex therapy can put a tremendous amount of strain on personal relationships.  There is even the chance that they can put the individual’s health at risk – as in the case of compulsive unprotected sex with multiple partners.

But regardless of how the individual arrives at sex therapy, these programs represent a very real chance to get to the heart of the problem.  Time spent with a therapist includes discussing the root causes of the dysfunctional behavior and crafting solutions moving forward that will help the individual either control their urges, or enjoy better performance in the areas that were lacking.

Where Can Sex Therapy Programs Be Found in California?

Throughout California there are hundreds of outstanding sex therapists working in all types of disciplines.  And while small and medium sized California towns have sex therapists in their city limits, individuals are best served in larger cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego – where there is a wider range of therapists working in more specific areas.

What Can a Person Expect During Sexual Therapy?

Sexual therapy is a place for individuals to talk openly and honestly about their sexual issues with a counselor who is highly skilled in the area.  The counselor will listen carefully to their patient’s concerns, and then work together with that individual to create solutions to the problems and develop the skills needed to overcome the issues and move forward in a positive direction.

Moonview Sanctuary understands the complex nature of sexual related problems and work very closely with all of their sex therapy patients to insure that the core issues are addressed and real change is enacted in the life of the patient and his or her partner.

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