California Eating Disorder Treatment

California is a state that understands health and wellness better than almost any other part of the country.  And California eating disorder treatment programs stand apart as some of the most progressive facilities in the state’s treatment community.  Individuals from California who suffer from serious eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and other conditions find treatment success with the expert counselors, doctors and nutritionists at these outstanding facilities.

What are the most common types of eating disorders in California?

The most common types of eating disorders found throughout California, include:

  • Anorexia – Individuals who suffer from anorexia nervosa have a distorted view of their own self image.  In anorexia counseling, they learn that their weight loss is driven by an irrational fear of gaining weight.  Symptoms include: anxiety about eating, refusing to eat in front of others, sudden weight loss and shortness of breath.
  • Bulimia – Bulimics engage in binge eating patterns followed by purging of the food from their system by self-induced vomiting and other measures.  Symptoms of those who enter into outpatient bulimia treatment include: swollen glands, excessive amount of eating, purging, excessive exercising.
  • Binge eating disorder –These individuals will eat large quantities of food and feel a lack of control in terms of their eating habits.  Symptoms include: eating in secret, excessive eating.

What happens during California eating disorder treatment?

When an individual enters a California eating disorder treatment program, their physical health is the first and foremost concern.  Since many individuals with anorexia can die even while under a doctor’s care, it is very important that person’s vital signs are strong, and their condition is, at the very least, stable.

Once the individual’s medical condition has been stabilized, the counseling component of treatment can begin.  During group and individual counseling, the individual can discuss the specific events and issues that led to their eating disorders, as well the specific self-image and appearance issues that continue to hold them back.

Finally, there is education about self-image and good health.  During the education component of eating disorder treatment programs, the individual learns how to set proper expectations for their self-image, and develop a program to strengthen the body through better nutrition.  Many facilities employ full-time nutritionists to help their patients learn how to shop, prepare meals and just generally live better.

Who should consider California eating disorder treatment?

Any individual who is suffering from the symptoms associated with these major eating disorders should enter a treatment program immediately.  And concerned friends and family members should also act quickly – not letting any time pass between recognizing the signs of symptoms of an eating disorder, and checking that individual into an appropriate treatment program.

Located in Santa Monica, California, Moonview Sanctuary offers some of the most effective holistic eating disorder treatment programs in the state.  Individuals who come to Moonview with an eating disorder are given the chance to rebuild their health, their mind and their spirit in order to overcome their illness.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information on their Transformational Health programs.




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