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Friends & Family

Family/support network therapy is a vital component of the Moonview healing and recovery center model. We believe that relationships are the context in which powerful change occurs. Improvement can be long lasting, because each and every member continually exerts synchronous change on each other.

Our practitioners work with your primary relationships extensively in both one-on-one and groups to observe, understand and begin to facilitate improved communication patterns and support.

Your primary relationships may consist of any of the following:

Moonview will coordinate all appropriate aspects of mental health and substance abuse treatment for our client's support system. Individuals in the support network are provided the same confidentiality and privacy considerations as our clients.

Support for Families in Legal Crisis

The individual in preparation for their impending ordeal. If appropriate, we can also function as the individual's private ombudsman during the course of this journey.

Each family member who participates in the program is provided the highest level of confidentiality and privacy possible.

Intervention Help

Prior to beginning the Moonview private treatment center program, you must be drug and alcohol free. While we do not provide detoxification services, we work collaboratively with other treatment centers and interventionists around the world.

Please call us at 1.866.601.0601 for referrals to interventionists or facilities.

For the Health Professional

Through our team approach and cross-disciplinary model, we are able to offer you, as a sole practitioner, a deeper level of support. With the proper releases we will share our combined expertise, which can greatly add to your ongoing ability to treat your client.
Prior to admission, one of our staff members will contact you, the referring health professional and establish your participation in your client's healing or substance abuse treatment.

Moonview's private treament center foundation is built on a strong, clinically-based program that is designed to achieve, within each individual's ability, the most beneficial results possible.

For the Interventionist

The referring interventionist can be assured that he or she will have a clear line of communication with Moonview recovery center at all times. We will have a key staff member who will be the primary contact during all stages of treatment and follow-up, and be available via phone or email.

The interventionist will be notified of the following:

Moonview is committed to being both a client, family and interventionist advocate throughout treatment.

Working with Moonview

We welcome your interest in working with Moonview. Please send any resumes or requests for job information to:

Please call us at 1.866.601.0601 for further information.