Women's Childhood Trauma Treatment

Incidents from a woman’s childhood can lead to a number of problems in adulthood, including depression, isolation, the inability to carry on a healthy relationship and even alcohol or drug addiction.  The following information provides an overview of what constitutes women’s childhood trauma, treatment strategies and why the process is so vital to the health and well-being of the individual.

Common Women’s Childhood Traumas

Although there a wide variety of incidents which could be classified as a “traumatic event”, there are several events which cause the bulk of the reported crisis cases:

  • Childhood sexual abuse – Most often, childhood sexual abuse takes place at the hands of a trusted family member or friend of the family.  These incidents can cause a lifetime of psychological problems as well as alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Childhood physical abuse – When a young woman is abused as a child there is a strong chance the behavior will be passed on to future generations.  This occurs because women who are hit tend to strike their own children – thus acerbating the problem.
  • Manmade childhood trauma – Women who witness war, violence or other events in their childhood are highly susceptible to adult depression and other problems.

The Effects of Women’s Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma manifests itself in a variety of ways during adulthood, including:

  • Substance abuse and drug addiction.  Many women will seek escape from their pain by taking drugs or abusing alcohol.
  • Inability to maintain healthy relationships.  If a woman’s childhood trauma came at the hands of a man, it may be very difficult for her to maintain fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex.  This can mean a series of bad, sometimes abusive, relationships or a string of failed marriages.
  • Depression or other mental illnesses.  Women who experienced trauma as a child may experience clinical depression throughout her life.  Other serious mental conditions associated with trauma include bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome.  These conditions are devastating, but all can be alleviated with proper professional treatment.

The Importance of Women’s Childhood Trauma Treatment

When a personal crisis occurs in a woman’s childhood, it can adversely affect the rest of her life if it goes unaddressed.  The therapy that takes place during women’s trauma treatment does more than simply put a band-aid on the problem – it gets to the root causes of the negative behavior and treats the problem accordingly.    Through counseling, women are given a chance to talk openly and honestly about the painful events of their past.  By providing a “safe place” for these discussions, the treatment program is giving the individual a chance to heal and move forward.  For many who have kept these things bottled inside for years, the experience is nothing less than a revelation.  Once these sessions are in progress, the real healing can begin.

The Overcoming Personal Crisis program at Moonview Sanctuary is known throughout California for helping women overcome the negative events of their childhood so that they may go on to leave healthy productive lives.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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