Who Needs Survival Panic Therapy

As the United States economy continues to lose steam, and things get worse and worse every day for millions of Americans, psychiatric professionals are seeing more cases of “survival panic” that require counseling and therapy that at any time in recent memory.

What is Survival Panic?

Just as the name suggests, survival panic refers a fear of losing everything one needs to survive.  In the case of Americans, that would include their home, their material goods, their retirement accounts and the like.   Survival panic can be brought on by war, epidemic or widespread financial crisis.

What is Survival Panic Therapy?

Survival panic therapy provides counseling and coping strategies for those individuals who are having difficulties making ends meet and have grown concerned about their ability to provide for their families in the future.   As with depression treatment or anxiety disorder treatment, therapists work closely with these patients to uncover the root causes of their anxiety and help them make calm rational decisions about the future.  In this situation, it is the responsibility of the counselor to listen patiently as the individual voices their concerns – and then try to put said concerns into proper perspective.

Who Needs Survival Panic Therapy?

In particular, anyone of the following individuals should consider seeing a therapist in a survival panic program.

  • Anyone who has recently lost their job.  Getting fired or laid off is one of the most stressful events that an individual can go through.   There’s nothing but good that can come from talking to a counselor about the feelings of panic and worry over one’s future.
  • Anyone who is in over their head financially.  And in these tough times, who isn’t in over their head financially?  Drowning in a sea of debt can feel like…well, actually drowning.  Survival panic therapy can be a life preserver during these trouble times.
  • Anyone who has stolen something or is considering it.  Experts suggest that crime goes up when a percentage of the population experiences survival panic.  And indeed, there have been many stories in recent months about “normal” people with no criminal record who
  • Anyone who is angry about their current situation.  Individuals who are feeling frustrated and angry because of their job status, or the overall state of the world, need to seek therapy immediately.  If left to fester, these issues can cause a number of long-term physical and mental health problems and may require a deeper level of anger management treatment.


The United States is currently going through a time of great transition.  People who have grown accustomed to certain styles of living (thanks to perpetual easy financing) are going to have to change the lifestyle.  And as more people have to make this change – one can expect continued need for survival panic therapy.


Moonview Sanctuary offers survival panic therapy to those individuals who are bearing the brunt of the recent economic downturn and are suffering from severe anxiety as a result.  The caring experts who comprise the staff as Moonview provide individualized care for every patient – using all the treatment means at their disposal to help them achieve wellness.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Coping with Crisis program.




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