Life Events That May Require Stress Reduction Treatment

Few, if any, individuals will live their entire lives without experiencing at least one significantly stressful event. Stress reduction treatment programs help people get through these difficult times, and provide solutions for coping with the negative experience as well as strategies moving forward.

The following list includes some of the most stressful life events that can be treated professionally.

Divorce or separation
Going through a divorce is universally regarding as one of the most stressful life events. Changes at home, financial stress, helping the children through the upheaval all combine for a difficult period.

Death of a Spouse
After the shock of losing one’s spouse has passed, the stress may be just beginning, as individuals are forced to make significant changes in their lifestyle. There is often a strain on finances, not to mention the emotional strain of losing one’s best friend and key source for emotional support. This type of stress is exhibited in both elderly couples who have been married for a long period of time, as well as younger couples, where the shock of death is much more overwhelming.

Individuals who commit a crime and must go to prison may not receive much sympathy from society, but the stress is still tremendous. The incarcerated individual is separated from his family and placed in a very dangerous, oftentimes hopeless prison setting. Drug addiction is common among those in prison, as people will use narcotics as a means of escaping the reality of their situation.

Job loss
For many individuals, losing a job is more than simply losing a source of income. Many people associate their position with their identity, so when they lose the job, their self-esteem suffers as well. Being fired or laid-off can cause feelings of humiliation and significant amounts of stress. Much like a relationship that goes awry, individuals who get fired begin to feel as if nobody else will ever want them – an attitude that can carry over into the search for a new job.

Uprooting and moving to a new place can also be highly stressful. The individual is giving up a high level of comfort by leaving home, and moving into a situation where they may not know anyone or anything. It takes a significant amount of time to adjust to new surrounding, and during this period, stress is a common occurrence.

As odd as it sounds, retirement is a very difficult adjustment for many elderly individuals. People who have worked their whole lives, suddenly find themselves without the identity and purpose that their career once provided. Retirement-related stress proves that having too much time to kill can be just as stressful as being busy and overworked.

Moonview Sanctuary offers stress reduction treatment programs for those who are coping with tragedy, upheaval or significant medical problems or life events. The Overcoming Personal Crisis program at Moonview can help people cope the event in question, and develop real solutions and strategies to help them move past the stress and anxiety, and on to a fulfilling, productive life. Contact Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California for more information.




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