Common Topics In Relationship Problem Counseling

Relationship problem counseling helps couples work through difficult times in their relationship by teaching them how to communicate and solve problems effectively.  But what types of problems are best handled in counseling?  What follows are some of the most common relationships problems, all of which can be resolved by a commitment from the individuals, and time well spent in marriage counseling.

Common relationship problems

Lack of trust
When lying enters a relationship, it takes a lot of hard work to keep things from falling apart.  When an individual feels that they can no longer trust their partner, it invades every aspect of life.  People start to wonder, “He/She lied to me about that.  I wonder what else they’re lying about.”

Stress over money
Financial issues can put a strain on even the strongest unions.  When money is tight, the stress level rises quickly, and soon the battle lines are drawn.  Couples often play the “blame game” when it comes to money, pointing the finger at one another over career advancement, savings for retirement, and major purchase decisions.

Sex-related issues
Over time, it is common for one member of a relationship to develop different intimacy needs than the other.  This can cause significant stress and resentment in the home.  If one person feels snubbed sexually, they may also develop self-esteem issues, or begin to question the faithfulness of their partner.  Sexual compatibility issues have been known to precede marital infidelity – which is one of the greater stressors on any relationship.

Communication issues
Some couples are capable of reaching a common ground, but simply lack the communication skills needed to resolve their problems.  When this occurs, there is a build-up of emotions, which consequently leads to tension and stress.  Relationship and marriage counselors help those individuals who struggle with communication learn how to talk to one another is a productive way.

Issues with children
Many couples argue over how to best raise their children.  Some want more discipline, while others prefer a looser style of parenting.  These conflicts can create significant stress and childhood trauma in the household, and are made even more dangerous because of the presence of children, who will one day have their own families and likely mimic the behaviors of their parents.

Conflict resolution
Many people believe that every argument must have a winner and a loser.  For them, arguing with a spouse is more about achieving superiority than it is actually finding a solution to the problem.  In situations like these, there will be considerable stress in the relationship.  People must learn, preferably from an expert counseling professional, that arguments are only “won” when everyone feel like their voice has been heard.

Relationship problem counseling at Moonview Sanctuary helps open up the lines of communications between both parties, so that root issues can be addressed and healing can begin.   Moonview believes that most relationships can be saved and divorce counseling avoided, provided that both parties are committed to getting help, and open to a powerful treatment program that calls on modern counseling and treatment techniques as well as tradition Eastern holistic practices.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis programs.




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