Why Relationship Counseling?

What is relationship counseling?

When couples reach a crisis in their relationship, they can generally do one of two things:  break-up/divorce and go their separate ways, or attempt to work things out by entering relationship counseling. 

Enlisting the help of a relationship counselor means that both members of the couple are committed to saving the relationship and addressing the root causes of their issues.  This is especially important when there are children involved in the relationship, as few people want to put them through the pain of divorce counseling or separation.

What are the reasons for attending relationship counseling?

There are a wide variety of issues that bring couples to relationship problem counseling, but according to surveys of counselors in the profession, the most common are: 

  • Infidelity. When a spouse or significant other cheats on the other individual in the relationship it causes a tremendous amount of stress on the bonds that hold them together.  If the individual who was the “victim” of the infidelity is committed to rebuilding trust and saving the marriage, then counseling can provide an outstanding solution.  During infidelity counseling, there is a chance to open up about all the hurt feelings and concerns for the future that the individual may be experiencing.
  • Lack of communication. Problems in a relationship begin when the lines of communication shut down.  Relationship counseling can help re-educate couples about how to talk with one another in an honest, open and non-confrontational manner.  Instead of allowing problems to fester over time, this will give the couple a forum to air their concerns about the future or anything else that might be causing them relationship or marital stress.
  • Financial troubles.  Money problems can place a tremendous strain on a relationship.  When personal or business finances are in trouble, tensions run high and the relationship can suffer tremendously as a result.  By visiting a relationship counselor, couples can find a common ground on financial matters, and learn how to talk to one another without fear of reprisal.
  • Illness.  Sometimes, when one member of a couple is suffering from a serious, life-threatening illness it will put a tremendous amount of strain on the other individual (and the relationship as a whole).  Relationship counseling gives each individual a chance to talk openly about their feelings and gain a better understanding of what the other individual is going through.
  • Loss of a child.  One of the most devastating experiences a couple can endure is the death of a child.  Many marriages simply do not survive such a traumatic family crisis.  But relationship counseling can help couples get through the hardest times and continue on with their marriage.

Moonview Sanctuary offers holistic counseling to couples who want to get back to basics and build stronger bonds that will last them a lifetime.  The counselors at Moonview provide a safe place to discuss sensitive issues and find resolution to difficult situations.  Contact Moonview today for information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis program.




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