Does someone you know need personal crisis treatment

It is always difficult to see close friends and family members going through emotional pain.  But sometimes, it is can be hard to gauge the source of that pain, and whether or not that individual requires professional help in order to cope with a personal crisis.

Consider the following common crises.  If an individual has experienced any of the following, and is having difficulty coping as a result, they made need personal crisis treatment.

Common personal crises

Death of a spouse or loved one

Considered the most stressful life event, losing a spouse, parent or child can quickly lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.  Feelings of hopelessness and despair are common for those who have suffered such a significant loss.


Although the end result of divorce may, in the end, be good for all parties concerned, the process of divorce can exact a deep psychological toll on the couple involved and their children.  Personal crisis brought on by divorce affects parents and children in different, but profound ways.

Job Loss

Losing a job can be like losing a part of an individual’s identity.  For those who relied on their job for self-esteem and financial support, the period following a firing can be frightening.  Many find themselves “frozen” with fear, unable to take the next steps required to find a new position.


Serious illnesses such as cancer and AIDS leave a person feeling alone and with an unease about the future.  Close proximity to one’s own mortality can be a highly stressful event.  Couple that with a battery of medications the individual is likely to be taking as a result of the illness, and there is a significant threat of depression.

Helping someone enter personal crisis treatment

Seeing an individual struggle with personal crisis invokes one of two reactions: either wait until the problem goes away on its own, or take an active interest in that person’s life and help them get the care they need.  Individuals whose family and friends choose the latter are the luckiest ones.

Helping someone enter personal crisis treatment can be difficult.  Many individuals will deny that they have a problem, or resist the well-intentioned advances of their loved ones.  The best thing to do is be persistent, but non-confrontational.  Show that individual that you are concerned about their well-being, and that the behaviors that they are displaying may not be in their self-interest.

It is a good idea to research programs that help those who are going through personal crisis.  Share that information with the individual so that when they do decide to move forward, they have everything they need to enter a program immediately.

Moonview Sanctuary is home to caring professionals who help individuals cope with personal crisis.  Even more importantly, the programs at Moonview help improve an individual’s mind, body and spirit – giving them a new outlook on life, and real strategies for moving past their problems.  Even the most difficult problems can be solved at Moonview Sanctuary.  Contact Moonview today and ask about their Overcoming Personal Crisis programs.




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