Male Midlife Crisis

Psychologist have found that nine out of every ten midlife crisis cases involve men.  That makes male midlife crisis treatment the dominant therapy style in the industry.   As such, there has been a great deal of research put forth regarding the root causes of midlife crisis in men – and how to best provide midlife crisis treatment programs for them.

What is Male Midlife Crisis?

Male midlife crisis occurs when a man enters his 40’s and 50’s and begins to feel a number of negative emotions concerning his life, including: feeling trapped, regret, discontent and depression.  This can lead the man to act out in a number of non-productive ways that impact not only his life – but the lives of his family members as well.

The Most Common Behaviors of the Male Midlife Crisis

The following represent some of the most common behaviors found in men who are experiencing a mid-life crisis:

  • Acting impulsively.  Men who enter into a midlife crisis may feel as if “too much is never enough.”  As a result, they will buy all kinds of new and expensive toys that run the gamut from sports cars and boats to flat screen TVs and pool tables.  The bottom line however is that this kind of impulsive behavior is enacted with little care for the family finances, and these decisions are made without consulting the rest of the family.
  • Infidelity and the midlife crisis.  Male midlife crisis and divorce in the movies is generally typified by a man cheating on his wife with a much younger woman.  Unfortunately, the truth is not far from this fact.  Men who grow bored or anxious with their own lives will cast aside the feelings of their longtime spouse and best friend in order to pursue other women.  The result is a broken trust that often leads to divorce.
  • Lying.  A man who goes through a midlife crisis has a tendency to lie.  They stop being honest to their spouses and even more importantly, to themselves.  They lie to cover up financial problems, infidelity or even their feelings.
  • Poor communication.  A man may go through decades of marriage and lean on his wife for support whenever there is a crisis.  She becomes his trusted friend and supporter.  Then, when he enters into a period of mid-life crisis, he will simply shut down – choosing to harbor his feelings inside.  This can lead to a hostile environment within the home – which soon causes the woman to feel discontent as well.  This downward cycle has been the cause of a number of marital problems for individuals over the age of forty in the United States.


Moonview Sanctuary offers hope for men who are experiencing a mid-life crisis.  The trained, caring professionals at Moonview’s Overcoming Personal Crisis program know how to cut to the heart of the issues – and really help men get better in touch with their feeling, themselves and their families.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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