Facts about Los Angeles Relationship Counseling

If ever there was a city that could benefit from a little relationship counseling it is Los Angeles.  Since the 1970’s, Los Angeles has been among the nation’s leaders in divorce and other marital problems.  Whatever the reason is behind this fact, Los Angeles relationship counseling programs are a welcome way to help troubled couples rebuild damaged or broken relationships.

Facts about Relationship Counseling

  • You don’t have to be married to attend.   While married couples do make up the bulk of those who attend relationship counseling, more and more couples who are in the earlier stages of their relationships are choosing to see a therapist together.  This can be an outstanding idea for those couples that are trying to work through their problems – and need help with important decisions regarding the future of their relationship.
  • Relationship counseling is a “safe place.”   In troubled relationships, the source of the problem is often a lack of communication.  Couples therapy offers a place without limits where each member of the couple can air their feelings and concerns.  Counselors then use this information to help build respect between both parties while beginning the search for solutions.
  • Children should play a role in counseling.  Couples with young children need to consider their needs when entering relationship counseling.  When a couple is in conflict it can have a very negative effect on the children – causing performance at school, creating anger issues and even affecting their relationships as adults.
  • Relationship counseling may include elements of spirituality.   Los Angeles is a highly diverse city with a number of religions practicing within its borders.   Many couples who find solace in their spirituality will seek out programs that incorporate religious teaching into the materials.
  • Relationship counseling is NOT about placing blame.  Individuals who enter into relationship counseling hoping to place blame for their problems on another individual will be sorely disappointed by the process.  What relationship counseling is all about is about opening up the lines of communication, building dialogue and seeking a middle ground that will help the couple flourish.

Finding a Los Angeles Relationship Counseling Program

While West Los Angeles communities such as Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Bel Air represent the epicenter of divorce rates in the city, quality relationship counseling programs can be found throughout the city.  Individuals should ask trusted medical or psychiatric professionals for a referral to a good relationship counseling program in the area.

Not all relationship counseling programs will be effective for every couple.  Once contact with a relationship counseling program is made, it is important to ask questions about the treatment styles of the counselors in order to establish a comfort level before entering treatment.

Moonview Sanctuary offers couples a place to come and heal their relationship while in the presence of expert, caring counselors.  The Overcoming Personal Crisis program at Moonview is one of the most respected Los Angeles relationship counseling centers in the city – and provides limitless growth for those individuals who are committed to changing their relationship for the better.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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