Los Angeles Post Nuptial Depression Therapy

Los Angeles is a BIG city, and those who live there like to have BIG weddings.  As a result, many people fall victim to unrealistic expectations about their wedding day – and experience significant depression when it is over.  The term for this condition is post-nuptial depression and can impact the lives of married people at the exact moment when they should be the happiest.

To help treat the condition, there is Los Angeles post nuptial depression therapy.

What is Post Nuptial Depression Therapy?

Post Nuptial Depression Therapy is psychological treatment for those individuals, a predominant number of whom are women, who experience bouts of sadness, fatigue and depression after their wedding day.  There are a number of causes of this condition, but the most common are:

  • Not meeting the unrealistic expectations for the wedding day set by one’s self, family or wedding planners.
  • Exhaustion from excessive wedding planning and related responsibilities
  • Conflict with one’s spouse-to-be over the planning and financial expenses related to the wedding.


Who Should Enroll Post Nuptial Depression Therapy?


Los Angeles post nuptial depression therapy programs are ideal for those who have experienced any of the following symptoms following their wedding day:


  • Significant bouts of depressions
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of interest in one’s spouse, friends or activities that once brought fulfillment
  • Lack of energy/illness caused by the loss of adrenalin after the “rush” of the wedding day has passed.


Why should Los Angeles Newlyweds Care About Post Nuptial Depression Therapy?


The time immediately following a wedding should be the happiest days of a young person’s life.  But Post Nuptial Depression Therapy throws the newlywed couple into chaos.  Symptoms like depression and anxiety often lead to conflict.  And when that conflict grows serious enough, it can cause the dissolution of a partnership that never had a chance to get off the ground.


Avoiding post nuptial depression therapy is not as simple as it sounds.  Any bride or groom who is experiencing the symptoms above is therefore urged to get help immediately – before the marriage they dreamed out becomes a nightmare.


Where Are All the Los Angeles Post Nuptial Therapy Programs?


Los Angeles leads the way in innovative psychological treatment styles and modalities – and so too has it become home to many of the leading Post Nuptial Depression Therapy programs in the country.  In Los Angeles proper, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and other high-profile parts of the city there are now outpatient programs for women who are suffering serious emotional problems after their wedding day.


At Moonview Sanctuary’s Overcoming Personal Crisis program, individuals who suffer from post nuptial depression therapy are given a place to heal to the wounds that may have been inflicted during the planning and execution of their wedding.  Moonview helps people get back on track, work through the issues causing the depression and start their new life the right way.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary for more information.




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