Los Angeles Marital Counseling

The local government stopped keeping track of divorce rates in Los Angeles country years ago, but if you ask marital counselors from the area they will tell you that the second largest city in the United States also has one of the highest incidences of marital problems and divorce as well.  But there are troubled marriages in this city that can be saved – and that’s where Los Angeles marital counseling programs come into play. 

Los Angeles marital counseling helps couples in life crisis open the lines of communication in an attempt to rebuild their troubled relationships.  Marriage therapy is a “no spin zone” where husband and wife are given a safe place of talk honestly about the marriage and more.

What Goes on Inside Los Angeles Marital Counseling?

Although marriage counseling is as different as the couples who attend, there are several elements which can be found in almost any marital counseling program, including:

  • Opening up the lines of communication.  Such a large percentage of marriage issues stem from a lack of proper communication.  First and foremost, counselors help couples learn how to talk to each other again. 
  • Helping encourage honesty.  Marital counseling is a place for couples to be honest with another and themselves.  The counselor works hard to create a non-threatening environment where both parties can talk without fear of reprisal.
  • Creating real world strategies.  There’s a lot of role-playing that goes on during marriage counseling because the therapists wants the couple to act out situations that may occur in real life.  What the couple learns during these sessions, they can put into play when they return home.

It is important for both members of the couple to come into marital counseling willingly and with a good attitude.  If one individual is not committed, or feels like he or she was “dragged there” they simply will not get much out of treatment.

Where can Los Angeles Marital Counseling be found?

Throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles area are a number of fine marital counseling programs.   Currently, a large number of well-respected counseling centers are doing business in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica and other prominent areas around the city.  But good marital counseling is not limited to the elite neighborhoods.  East Los Angeles, South Central Los Angeles and downtown LA are all home to hard-working counselors helping less-fortunate individuals work through the stress of their relationships and build stronger marriages.

Moonview Sanctuary offers groundbreaking treatment for couples who wish to rebuild their most important relationships.  The patient, caring counselors at Moonview know how to create a safe, productive environment where everyone’s viewpoints are heard and respected.  For more information about the Transformational Health program, and how it can help your marriage, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.




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