Los Angeles Couples Infidelity Treatment

When one person in a relationship is unfaithful, it impacts both halves of the couple.  While the individual who did the cheating may feel shame or remorse, it is the other person who must now cope with a variety of negative feelings including resentment, loss-of-trust, depression and anger.  With each party coping with their own set of issues stemming from infidelity, the best solution is to bring them both into counseling.   Los Angeles couples infidelity treatment works with both parties to, if possible, rebuild the relationship that has been so badly damaged by cheating.

Couples Infidelity Treatment in Los Angeles

Historically, Los Angeles has always maintained one of the highest divorce rates in the country.  Whether it is due to financial pressures of living in this large city, or the “throw away” culture of marriage that grows out of the Hollywood community, there has always been a strong specter of divorce and infidelity looming over the city.  For that reason, Los Angeles couples infidelity treatment programs are some of the most successful and progressive in the country.  Located throughout the LA metropolitan area – from Santa Monica to Malibu – these programs help couples of all ages and socio-economic groups attempt to find ways to heal, and learn to love another once again.

What Goes on During Infidelity Treatment?

When a couple enters into infidelity counseling, the counselor or therapist creates a “safe space” where both individuals can talk openly and honestly about their feelings.  This is a chance for the wronged individual to share their thoughts as well as the individual who took part in the marital infidelity.

The desired results of this treatment include:

  • Giving the wronged individual a chance to say how the infidelity makes them feel.
  • A chance for that same individual to voice the things that will need to take place in order for trust to be rebuilt.
  • A chance for the individual who took part in the infidelity to explain their actions and ask for forgiveness.

What is the Goal of Couples Infidelity Treatment?

Obviously, the primary goal of couples’ therapy is to rebuild a damaged relationship.  Counselors work hard to help the couple open the lines of communication and attempt to start over with a new set of ground rules.  However, there are relationships that never recover from infidelity.  In these cases, it is up to the counselor to help get the couple into divorce counseling so that they can make peace with the end of their relationship in as painless a manner as possible.  This is especially important if the couple has children.   Children’s divorce therapy is always recommended because of the potential emotional damage that infidelity and divorce can have on a child.

Moonview Sanctuary is located in Santa Monica, California and provides couples infidelity treatment for those individuals who are committed to rebuilding their relationship.   Working with counselors who are experts in the field of infidelity, couples who come to the Overcoming Personal Crisis program at Moonview receive customized care that on par with any facility in California.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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