Important Things to Know about Los Angeles Family Counseling

Los Angeles family counseling programs offer family crisis programs that help families communicate more effectively, and overcome crises that effect everyone in the family unit.

Who should take part in family counseling?
Counseling is for any family that is trying to work through the effects of a negative or stressful event. These types of events can include:

  • A family member with a serious illness
  • A family member with alcohol or drug addiction
  • Divorce or separation
  • Infidelity
  • Death of a family member
  • Or other stressful life events

Who attends family counseling?
Family counseling generally takes place with all members of the family (who are old enough to attend) present. The exception to this rule comes when one of the members of the family has a substance abuse problem, in which case they will not be presented during the counseling sessions.

What is the role of the family counselor?
The family counselor plays the dual role of observer and moderator during sessions. As an observer, the counselor watches closely how the family interacts with one another. This allows the counselor to gather important information that he will use later to help the family find customized solutions to their problems.

The counselor also plays the role of moderator – making sure that the lines of communication stay open during the session and that everyone is given a chance to speak and share their feelings.

Finally, the counselor makes sure that the environment stays safe and productive, and that nobody involved feels threatened or intimated, and consequently not want to share their feelings with the group.

What else goes on during family counseling?
Those in California who take part in family counseling are able to speak freely about their thoughts and feelings about other family members. While arguments may break out during the session, the counselor makes sure that the reasons for the argument are thoroughly discusses, as well as how the conflict makes everyone feel.

Family counseling sessions are a chance to work on overcoming specific events, or just generally improve communication within the family unit.

Some people see family counseling as a kind of “last resort”, but the fact is that many healthy families use the sessions as way to get some additional help during tough times, or just to make a great family even better..

Moonview Sanctuary helps families in crisis work through the most difficult times in their life. By opening the lines of communication, and employing strategies that help couples reduce stress, Moonview is able to play a vital role in helping families overcome crises such as divorce counseling.

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