Los Angeles Couples Counseling

Los Angeles is a contradiction in terms for many couples.  On the one hand, the city provides some of the most positive living environments in the United States – with a year-round tropical climate and wide-open spaces throughout. But the cost of living in Los Angeles combined with many stressors of urban living in general can cause cracks to form in even the strongest relationships.  For many people, help from a professional counseling program is required to help individuals communicate more effectively with one another – and solve the problems that could eventually cause their marriage to fail.

Why do Los Angeles Couples Need Counseling?

Los Angeles is one of the most unique places in the world in which to raise a family.  But the non-stop sunshine doesn’t mean that couples won’t hit a few bumps in the road along the way.  Most commonly, Los Angeles couples need counseling to help:

  • Overcome trust issues.    Marital infidelity can destroy a marriage or relationship in almost no time.  The trust that has been violated when one individual cheats on another has the power to corrode a relationship from the inside out.  Relationship problem counseling for couples helps rebuild this trust, and addresses the very serious issues brought on when cheating occurs.
  • Adjust to issues involving their children.  Having children is a blessing, but sometimes the change in life that kids bring can cause stress in a relationship.  Couples counseling helps individuals better communicate with their children – and each other.
  • Put a “spark” back into the relationship.  Many couples get “stuck in a rut” in terms of their love life.   The stress and demands of everyday life can cause many couple to sacrifice their intimacy.  Counselors understand the importance of this intimacy to a healthy relationship – and work to help couples reconnect in a physical sense.
  • Decide whether divorce or separation is an appropriate course of action.  Sad it as it may seem, some relationships cannot be saved.  When this is the case, couples counseling can help the individuals part ways in as healthy and non-confrontational manner as possible – or help them decide whether or not divorce counseling is a more appropriate option.

What Happens During Relationship Counseling?

During couples therapy for couples, both individuals in the troubled relationship are provided with a safe environment, to discuss the issues that are impacting their relationship.  Couples therapy is a place to work together (with the aid of a counselor) to talk about feelings that have, to this point, been kept bottled up inside in an unhealthy manner.

Once the issues are out on the table, therapists help couples develop strategies for moving forward in a productive, loving way.  Couple counseling is ongoing – each week giving the individuals a chance to share stories of the progress and continue to discuss issues of contention.

The end goal of couples counseling is to give individuals the tools they need to work through issues on their own – to achieve a happy, fulfilling relationship that features improved communication, greater honesty and, simply put, more love.

Moonview Sanctuary offers couples counseling through its groundbreaking Overcoming Personal Crisis program.  Motivated couples who want to enact real change in their relationship are well-served by this treatment program, which offers a safe place to discuss problem issues – and work with the top professionals in the field to find real-world solutions. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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