What is Legal Crisis Treatment?

Sometimes crisis strikes a family that is not related to substance abuse, terminal illness or other serious issues.  In many cases, legal matters are the source of significant levels of stress for the individual who is the focus of a particular case - and his or her family.   In these situations, legal crisis treatment helps people cope with the pressure of what can be a whirlwind situation that rattles the foundations of even the strongest families.

What is Legal Crisis Treatment?

Legal crisis treatment refers to counseling programs that helps families through difficult periods in their lives brought on by criminal charges, lawsuits, unwanted media attention and other issues.  Most commonly, legal crisis treatment is a solution for those families who have seen the fabric of trust once shared among their family members unravel because of a legal matter.

The Most Common Reasons People Need Legal Crisis Treatment

Although the reasons for entering legal crisis treatment can vary wildly, the most common situations involve:

  • Bankruptcy.  Counselors can help families who are suffering sudden financial hardship as a result of bankruptcy or financial mismanagement.
  • Criminal Activity.  When one family member is accused of a felony or other serious crime, the impact can be devastating for the rest of the family – especially if the situation “uncovers” a previously unknown aspect of that person’s character.
  • Media Attention.  Families who are involved in a high-profile legal matter sometimes see their most private information splashed across the headlines or covered on the evening news.  Counseling helps these families stay together and find strength in one another during trying times.

The Importance of Legal Crisis Treatment

It is easy to look at a criminal matter from afar and think “well, that person is just getting what they deserve.”  This attitude however is often short sighted and may even be dead wrong.   For one thing, legal matters impact more than just the individual who is being sued or accused – the entire family is put into a stressful situation.  These are people who represent nothing more than innocent bystanders.  That is where legal crisis treatment comes in.  These programs help the individual cope with their situation, yes, but also insure that the family remains healthy and strong throughout.  

Also, it is important to remember that oftentimes, people are falsely accused of an unlawful activity.  Society may judge someone as guilty even through the opposite turns out to be true.  Imagine the strain this situation puts on a family.    Counseling is the means for staying the course and maintaining a positive attitude moving forward – even while the whole world seems to be judging the individual in a negative manner.

Moonview Sanctuary offers legal crisis treatment for families who have seen their lives turned upside down because of the stress and anxiety associated with a legal matter.  Through Overcoming Personal Crisis programs, the caring staff at Moonview will help individuals cope and thrive during these difficult times.  For more information, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.




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