Treatment for Job Burnout Symptoms

Just because a down economy has made people thankful to have any job at all doesn't mean that people are not suffering from job burnout. With the stress and pressure associated with changes in the corporate landscape, individuals are finding their jobs less fulfilling than ever before - a fact which can lead many to suffer from job burnout symptoms on a daily basis. Counseling programs can help individuals overcome job burnout and rediscover the elements of their professional life that made them choose their line of work in the first place.

What are the Symptoms of Job Burnout?

The following is a list of some of the most commonly reported symptoms of job burnout. Any of these symptoms can lead individuals to more serious mental health conditions, and in some cases even alcoholism or drug addiction.

  • Experiencing negative emotions throughout the day. The individual who suffers from job burnout is a likely candidate for depression, anxiety, moodiness and other emotions that can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning, let alone perform their job at the highest levels.
  • Depression. Of all the negative emotions listed above, depression is by far the most debilitating. The individual who suffers from depression on the job can feel hopeless about their future and wonder why they should even give their all on a project.
  • Chronic tardiness or absenteeism. Job burnout makes people feel lethargic and unwilling to come in to the office on time or on a regular basis. As a result, people will start to "give up" - coming in late or not at all.
  • Poor performance. Employers can't expect to get peak performance out of their employees who suffer from job burnout. Many will let projects linger unfinished, or turn in work that is of a much lower quality than when they first starting working at the company.
  • Substance abuse issues. In order to cope with the hopelessness and depression associated with job burnout, many individuals will attempt to self-medicated using drugs or alcohol. Depending upon the type of job in question, this can be a dangerous proposition as the impaired individual may be put himself or his co-workers in harm's way as a result of their substance abuse.
  • Poor physical health. The stress associated with job burnout can take a toll on the physical health of the individual. Many people will complain of headaches, backaches and other issues that did not appear until they became dissatisfied with their current position and exhibited the signs of job burnout.

Getting Help for Job Burnout

Individuals who suffer from one or more of the symptoms above are urged to contact a professional treatment facility immediately. The effects of job stress and job burnout can have a long-term effect on the health, well-being and career opportunities of the individual. Job burnout treatment programs are staffed by experts who can help individuals put their lives into better perspective - giving them the tools they neeed to live a healthier, more productive life.

Moonview Sanctuary offers professional help for those suffering from job burnout. The experts at Moonview's Overcoming Personal Crisis program are well-versed in the current state of today's hard-working people. They know what motivates them, and what holds them back from enjoying a fulfilling, engaging career. For more information about treatment for job burnout contact Moonview Sanctuary of Santa Monica California today.




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