Infidelity Counseling - Signs He's Having A Midlife Crisis

A mid-life crisis may be the punch line to a thousand bad jokes, but there is a seriousness about the phenomenon as well: it can be a time of significant stress in a marriage, as the man seeks to answer questions about his identity and struggles to come to grips with the fact that more than half of his life has already passed.

A man’s behavior during a mid-life crisis can be scary and confusing for his spouse. Infidelity counseling may be a viable option to help her save her marriage. But first, here are several signs and symptoms of a mid-life crisis that she can use to better understand the situation.

1. He is depressed. Men going through a mid-life crisis may exhibit all the common symptoms of depression, including: sleeping more, lack of motivation, irritability, etc.

2. He makes impulse purchases. A woman might come home one day and find a red convertible in her driveway, purchased by her husband. Chances are he has done so without consulting her. In addition to expensive cars, men going through a mid-life crisis have been known to purchase boats, new clothes and other extravagances that often put a strain on the family budget.

3. He quits his job unexpectedly. When a man experiences a mid-life crisis, he feels trapped and unfulfilled. Often, the root cause for these feelings is, in his mind, his chosen career. Consequently, he may quit his job without notice or discussion. This can be a dangerous act of bravado, as he is unlikely to consider all the financial ramifications this may have on his family.

4. He becomes obsessed with his own mortality. When a man reaches a certain age, he begins to think more and more about the inevitability of his own death. Even the smallest health problem can become a cause for major concern.

5. He will start to reminisce about past loves and times gone by. As they reach this period, men will start to think about their youth, specifically women they used to be involved with. They do so without considering the feelings of their partner, who is often hurt by such talk, and may experience feelings of inadequacy.

6. He will become obsessed with his appearance. Men who are experiencing a mid-life crisis have been known to spend hours in front of the mirror, obsession over their weight (too much of it), their hair (not enough of it) or the condition of their skin. These are fairly normal behaviors for men and women of all ages, but will occur as “out of character” behavior for a man in a mid-life crisis.

7. He will say that he feels “trapped”. As mentioned above, the mid-life crisis produces feelings of claustrophobia in one’s own life. The spouse of the man in a mid-life crisis may hear the word “trapped” pop into conversation from time to time. And like other behaviors prevalent during this period, the result can be quite hurtful to a spouse or significant other.

The professionals at Moonview Sanctuary are experts at familiy crisis treatment such as a helping to cope with a mid-life crisis. Working together with husband and wife, Moonview opens up channels of communication and creates a setting where holistic healing can begin, and couples can reconnect. Contact Moonview today for more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis program.




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