Holistic Treatment for Depression

Millions of individuals take anti-depression medication every day to help alleviate the symptoms of this debilitating mental condition.  But for many, taking these doctor-prescribed meds is not a viable option either because of unwanted side effects of the drugs, or simply an unwillingness to put foreign substances in their body.

For these individuals, holistic treatment can provide a viable option for depression treatment. 

What is holistic treatment for depression?

Holistic treatment involves using ancient techniques to treat the mind, body and spirit of the individual in order to help them overcome their depression.  Each component of holistic depression treatment is based in hundreds, often thousands of years, of medicine from cultures around the world.

While holistic treatment may not be for everyone, it has helped millions of people overcome serious physical and psychological health issues – and therefore should be considered by anyone seeking relief from depression who does not want to take drugs or engage in traditional psychotherapy as a means of fighting depression.

Treatment for the Mind

One of the three main elements of holistic depression treatment involves enriching the mind so that the individual has the mental strength to fight their depression.  Two of the most common holistic treatment practices that strengthen the mind are yoga and meditation.  Both provide focus and balance which are requisite to coping with depressive symptoms.

Treatment for the Body

Another integral part of holistic care is improving the body’s physical health.  Individuals suffering from depression who have found help through these programs have engaged in several different programs, including:  yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal treatments martial arts (including Tai Chi and karate) and other proven-successful methods for making the body stronger and improving its connection to the mind and spirit.

Treatment for the Spirit

Certainly one of the most important elements of holistic care as it involves helping people with depression, spiritual wellness provides the third and final piece to the treatment puzzle.  Enriching the spirit of the individual is achieved through techniques such as Kriya Yoga, spiritual meditation, Buddhist meditation and other acts designed to raise consciousness and obtain a better understanding of one’s condition.

Is holistic depression treatment the right choice?

Not all individuals who engage in holistic treatment enjoy the same levels of success with the program.  In order to benefit from holistic depression treatment, an individual must put their faith in the program, and be willing to open their mind up to practices run counter to what they have learned throughout their lives.  For those who accept these methods, the results can be amazing, including a life free of anxiety and illness related to depression.

For more information about depression treatment programs using holistic practices, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.  Located in Santa Monica, California, Moonview utilizes holistic medicine, with a twist: combining modern neuropsychological techniques with traditional forms of treatment to help individual overcome depression and other mental conditions.  Contact Moonview today for more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis program.




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