Financial Stress Treatment and Coping with Hard Times

We are living in scary times.  Not since the great depression has the United States financial picture looked so bleak.  During these trying times, many individuals will experience significantly high stress levels as a result of their uncertain financial situation.

Financial stress treatment programs help individuals cope with hard times and develop strategies for maintaining good psychological and physical health throughout this “down period.”

The following are strategies utilized by financial stress management professionals that may help you live life more positively and productively regardless whether it is a bull or bear market.

How to Cope With Tough Financial Times

  • Don’t turn to substance abuse.  Many individuals will try and escape their problems by engaging in substance abuse such as drinking or drug taking.  This type of “solution” is only going to make matters worse.  Drug addiction or alcoholism will leave the individual in no shape to recover financially when things do turn around.
  • Don’t take it out on loved ones.  During times of financial stress, many individuals (most commonly men) will resort to physical abuse of their partners as a means of coping.  This is simply unacceptable, and any individual who feels the urge to strike their partner should seek help from an anger management treatment immediately.
  • Don’t turn inward.   When an individual “shuts down” during times of financial hardship, they are closing themselves off from people who want to help them, as well as potential solutions to their problems. 
  • Stay positive.  Individuals who maintain a positive mental attitude through tough financial times are the ones who bounce back the quickest.  Staying positive and focusing on the important elements of life (family, personal health and the good health of loved ones) will put things in a proper perspective and help the individual get through one day at a time.
  • Be a rock for the family.   Individuals who represent the head of a household set the tone for everyone in the family.  By staying positive, and being there to calmly address the concerns of family members, the head of household helps everyone get through these stressful times without emotional downturns.  The result will be a stronger family bond that serves everyone – in good times and bad.


What Happens in Financial Stress Treatment Programs?


When an individual has tried these coping strategies, and still finds themselves in the midst of an emotional crisis, they may want to turn to a financial stress treatment program.  These stress reduction treatment programs can work wonders for the individual – providing them with a safe place to talk openly about their problems and develop strategies to help them through this difficult time in their life.  The individual can expect to meet with a counselor who will act as both a sounding board and a source for ideas about getting to the root of the problem.

Moonview Sanctuary offers coping strategies and results-oriented counseling for anyone who is suffering from stress as a result of their financial situation.  Contact Moonview today for more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis programs.  Moonview Sanctuary is located in Santa Monica, California.




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