Family Crisis Programs - Fertility Issues And Crisis

A family crisis program encounters many different problems in the course of the day. Some families may be coping with the loss of a loved one, the drug addiction of a son or daughter, or perhaps marital infidelity that has destroyed the trust between husband and wife.

One of the most complex issues facing families in crisis is that of fertility. Fertility issues brought on by the couple’s inability to have a baby can create tremendous marital stress.

Fertility issues are multi-tiered and the stress that the situation brings about can come from any numbers of sources, including the following:

Financial Stress
The cost of fertility treatments can run very high, and are often not covered under employer insurance plans. Drugs and specialized doctors can both cause couples to run through their savings in an attempt to “help nature along”. And remember, there are no guarantees that a treatment cycle will produce the desired results, which could leave couples back at square one, having to pay for everything all over again.

Longing for a baby
When a couple is unable to conceive, even the sight of a child is enough to bring on severe depression and anxiety. Many couples withdraw from their peer group, if those friends have begun having children. The pain is just too great. Even simple questions such as “So, when you are you going to start a family” can cause emotional distress.

Hormonal stress
Many of the drugs that a woman must take during fertility treatment, such as Clomid and others, wreak havoc on her hormones. This can bring about severe mood swings and depression that, coupled with the overall stress of the attempt to conceive, can put a serious strain on the couple’s relationship.

Different goals
Sometimes, stress is caused by the fact that conceiving a child is more important to one person in the relationship than it is to the other. During the fertility treatment, where it is essential that the couple work as a team, this can cause great stress and resentment. One person might begin blaming the other for not trying hard enough, or resisting available forms of treatment.

Ironically, many couples who have success with fertility treatments soon find themselves pregnant again. How can that be, after years of trying and failing to have the first child? It happens because STRESS plays a significant role in the ability for a couple to achieve. Scientific studies show that high stress levels reduce the reproductive capabilities of both the man and the woman. When that stress is lifted, as in the case of already conceiving a child successfully, many couples are then able to have another child with less medical intervention required.

Moonview Sanctuary helps families in crisis work through the most difficult times in their life. By opening the lines of communication, and employing strategies that help couples cope with stress, Moonview is able to play a vital role in helping families overcome crises such as fertility problems.

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