Coping with Economic Crisis Depression

The events of the past several months have left a deep imprint on our country.  The financial turmoil that has engulfed, as Barack Obama and John McCain have termed it “Wall Street to Main Street” has literally turned American lives upside down.  With people losing their jobs and seeing their savings and stock holding disappear before their eyes it is no wonder that many people are suffering from depression as a result of the economic crisis.

As the economic crisis deepens, so too does the prevalence of depression related to the climate.  More and treatment programs are helping individual develop coping strategies for their depression by creating situation-specific depression treatment programs.  What follows are some of these coping strategies that anyone can employ in their daily lives.

How to Cope with Economic Crisis Depression

There is no need to let the current state of the economy interfere with your enjoyment of life or the well-being of your family.   The following represent a series of tips and advice designed to help you avoid, or cope with, the depression that may occur because of your financial situation.

  • Be honest with your family.  If you are feeling a pinch financially, don’t keep it from your family.  Lying and bearing the burden alone will lead to depression and anxiety.   Be a calm, supportive influence, but also manage expectations in a truthful manner.
  • Don’t worry excessively about “what if” scenarios.  You could drive yourself crazy worrying about the doomsday scenarios that could, technically, occur in the future.  But a healthier approach would be to stay positive and focus on the things you can do now to stabilize your financial future.
  • Don’t isolate yourself.  Depression comes from spending too much time alone with your problems.  Remember, there are other people going through the same set of circumstances as you and your family – find ways to seek them out.  Spending time with others in your predicament will help you put the situation into better perspective and provide a method for coping with anxiety.
  • Lose yourself in positive activities.  Finding ways to save money during tough times does not have to be a chore.  Try and find engaging ways to cut back – more home-based hobbies, short family car trips, etc – that will provide memories while still helping you cut back on expenses.

Professional Help for Economic Crisis Depression

If the symptoms of depression still exist after employing any of the strategies above, professional help is strongly recommended.  Finding a crisis treatment center that helps individuals who have suffered a personal crisis will be well-equipped to prepare coping strategies and provide private counseling to those in need.  These counseling sessions are private, “safe” places where the individual can unburden themselves of the stressors behind their depression.

At Moonview Sanctuary, we know that depression is a serious condition and sometimes requires caring professional help to treat.   The Overcoming Personal Crisis program at Moonview can help create a treatment plan to help people cope with depression brought on by any of life’s stressors.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information. 




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