Depression Treatment Programs - Facts About Depression

Millions of people suffer from depression every day. And while many of these individuals do not require admission into a depression treatment program, the problem is still prevalent enough so that it touches almost every family at some point, regardless of age or socio-economic status.

What follows are some eyebrow-raising statistics about depression that provide some insight into this serious mental illness, and who is at ask risk to experience it.

Facts and statistics about depression

Nearly 20 million Americans, age 18 or older suffer from depression each year.  That amounts for almost 20% of the entire adult population.

The youngest members of our society are impacted by depression as well. Studies have shown that 4% of all pre-school students can be termed clinically depressed.

30% of all women experience depression.  While it was once believed that women were depressed more often than men, research has found that fact to be untrue.  This revelation comes as a result of several studies that concluded men do not talk about their depression as much as women, and therefore live with it privately (so that it goes undiagnosed more often).
Surveys of the general population have found that 54% of people believe individuals with the depression have the power to overcome the illness if they choose to do so.

15% of all people with depression will attempt to commit suicide at some point.

Scientists have found a link between depression and heart disease.  Furthermore, it is believed that depression will become the second largest killer in the United States (after heart disease) over the next two decades.

Antidepressant medication only work for 35% - 45% of those who take it for clinical depression.

80% of those suffering with depression are not currently seeking any help or professional treatment for their condition.

20% of all teenagers will exhibit symptoms of depression before they reach their adult years.

Almost 10% of all teenagers experience episodes of depression that last for an entire year or longer.

A large percentage (different studies put the number between 20% and 50%) of those teenagers who experience depression have a family member who has also experience episodes of depression.

15% of teenagers who experience depression will go on to develop bipolar disorder – either while still in their teen years or as an adult.

5% of all teenagers are thought to be experiencing an episode of Major Depression at any given moment.  A large percentage of these episodes go undiagnosed, leaving these teens at a very high risk for suicidal behavior.

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